There are over 7,400 businesses thriving in Southampton. That’s around 127,000 skilled business professionals working nine to five. With the docks washing up new talent, how can you keep in touch with the cogs that keep this economy on the rise?

Meet Max K Thompson. Your local ticket to effortless networking in the city of Southampton.

Max K Thompson
Max K Thompson, 31. Director of Sales, Marketing and Events.

Creator and Director of ‘Dinner for Winners’ – a elite matchmaking event for busy business professionals who struggle to find the time to network. He has partnered with organisations such as, Oxford Tower of London, Ordnance Survey and Google.

Max K Thompson is a man with a mission to connect a city full of busy innovators.

Large rebranding projects have supported his growth through-out his career. Now, he’s made a base in Southampton. Let’s find out what brings this level-headed entrepreneur to the docks of our city.

Q: So, Max K Thompson, what are you doing here in Southampton?

“It’s a good city for what I do because it is accessible. We’re getting lots of different business coming in and out. Universities are also valuable resources for talent”

“A growing city helps people expand. Owners can be tough and resilient, relying on personal recommendations before they hire anyone, so I wanted to make it easier for everyone.”

Pizza Dough and rolling pin
The next food-inspired event is a pizza making course at Supermarine Restaurant, Woolston.

Q: Dinner for Winners? Tell us more! It’s not all about food, is it?

“No, not at all! I’ve worked with Brightside Personal Training putting on sweat-work events. We are launching a running club which will be weekly.”

“We’ve also done Socials at Orange Rooms, The Social and everyone’s favourite coffee shop, Mettricks. We want to offer something unique every time.”

Q: Where did the idea start?

“So… I created an opportunity for the creatives and professionals I knew to get together. If you’re successful, your busy. I took over the bookings well in advance and got 10 of us seated for dinner.”

“Off the back of this people got jobs, I had people begging for another immediately. Over the past 4 years, we have tried different events for different business junkies, to see how many people are interested. That’s where the name, ‘Dinner for Winners’ came from!”

Q: It’s not just about the people your inviting?

“We showcase their facilities when they have space. The people who come usually come back to them again. We also market and advertise these events for free publicity for everyone involved.”

Speciality coffee and notepad
First impressions count. Bring your diary for a chance to partner on the latest projects.

Q: You’ve got us hooked! How can people get involved?

“It’s an invite-only event. It’s a matching service really, everyone who is chosen to attend is picked especially. It’s a chance to expand your professional network, so we take that seriously.”

“If you register to sign up for invites, you’ll receive regular events that are interesting to you. The idea is that people can approach me to put on events that meet their targets.”

Q: You’re in charge of all the decision making, that must take up all your time?

“It’s not just me. When clients come to me, I get creatives helping design an event for a specific purpose. Project launches and talks we do too.”

“It’s all to benefit the people within a business, promoting the growth of our beloved industries within Southampton, I’d love more people to come and get involved!”

Business meeting with laptops
You are in capable hands, you’ll want to make space Dinner for Winners.

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