Last week, on the night before she won Best Female Act for the second year running at the MOBOS, Ella Eyre kicked off her UK tour at the Guildhall in Southampton.

Of her warm-up acts, a band that goes by the name Flawes, opened the show with some rather dark and brooding tracks, but towards the end played some more upbeat covers paving the way for a lively show later on.

The first shock of the night came when the second warm up act, Jasmine Thompson, took to the stage. Despite seeming nervous before performing one of her own tracks, the audience were blown away by her vocal range, and were further surprised when the singer announced she was just fifteen years old.

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Young Jasmine Thompson dazzled the crowd with her remarkable voice.

Jasmine Thompson’s set was filled with songs that not only showcased her immense vocal talent, but also brought a unique and inspiring up and coming talent to the Guildhall stage.

When the time had come for the main event, the lights brightened and Ella Eyre came bouncing onto the stage abound with energy, which was clearly reciprocated by the crowd as she performed her first track of the night ‘All about you’ from her debut album, Feline.

The first part of her set was a very energetic one that got the crowd dancing and singing along, performing her more spirited tracks such as ‘Comeback’, ‘Waiting all night’ and ‘Good Times’.

Throughout the evening, Ella was struggling not to embarrass herself with a wardrobe malfunction. Due to her lively performance,  Ella later professed there was a high risk of her breasts falling out from her jumpsuit. The singer tweeted about her ‘difficulty’ shortly after, saying:

Overlooking her clothing fiasco, the only downside to the evening was that her powerful vocals were often drowned out by her band.

The twenty one year old departed the stage for a few minutes before returning for a more toned down part of her set, singing the more ballad-like songs from her album. The one particular highlight of the evening was when she sang ‘Two’, an emotional song about her past experience with an ex boyfriend. The crowd took out their phones and put on their torches, creating a touching moment for audience and artist alike. She went on to sing one of her more popular tracks ‘Deeper’ but had changed the arrangement to a slower pace in order to show off her vocal talents.

She picked up the pace again before the end of the show with such songs as ‘Gravity’ and ‘Don’t follow me’, making sure the whole crowd knew the words before each song so as to sing along with her. She ended the show with ‘If I Go’ before hinting of her encore. She performed a cover of ‘Best Of My Love’, which added a groovy disco feel to her show, before concluding with ‘Together’, which was somewhat fitting – what with how everyone in the Guildhall was singing and dancing together with Ella the whole evening.

ella feline
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Ella’s set was well constructed, starting with pure energy to get the crowd going and bringing the tempo down to an emotional ending, demonstrating why she is one of the best female artist in the UK right now.

She truly had people of all ages on their feet dancing, singing and engaging with her through the whole night – the only downside being the poor sound system in the Guildhall, which was no fault of her own. Ella continues her tour over the UK in the next two weeks, showcasing her debut album Feline.