Dave's EP Game Over: Via: Instagram

The rise to prominence for London born rapper Dave, aka Santan Dave, has been coming for some time now.

The talented youngster has released some of the biggest singles in the Grime scene in the last year. His latest EP Game Over is much different to his breakout one Six Paths.

Tv adverts and appearances on the likes of Later with Jools Holland and a co-sign from the world-famous Drake have all set up Dave to really attack the Grime world head first. His EP Game Over was the last piece of the puzzle to really make people to stand up and notice. It is a special piece of work which combines Dave’s talent to spit hard hitting bars, deep confessionals and dance tracks.

Dave has matured beyond his years in this EP and has started to show everybody the talent and range he has in his ability to write songs. The seven track EP covers a wide range of musical styles as well as themes and delivery.

Santan Dave is just 19 years old. Via: Instagram

The EP starts with the songs ‘Game Over’ and ‘Question Time’ both of which are hard hitting aggressive songs. Game over highlights just how much Dave has grown up and that he’s now found his role in society. The later song is one of the most powerful, relatable songs you will hear this year. Never will you hear 7 minutes of just pure lyrics coming straight from the heart.

Dave questions everything from the poor government, the NHS and The Grenfell Tower tragedy. The politically centred track is even more powerful coming from an 18-year-old who wants to give a voice to his ignored generation. This song highlights both maturity and talent with a relatable authentic message.

As strong as this EP started ‘Attitude’ was a bit of a let-down. For an artist who is looking to take the Grime scene by storm and a man who has as much talent as Dave does this was below par. I would expect bigger and better from the London born rapper on this track which lacks substance and any of the deep thoughts and clever wordplay usually associated with him.

Dave is a massive football fan and often refers to footballers in his songs. Via: Instagram

There hasn’t been a piece of work that has been so thought about from such a young artist in such a long time. The piece feels so well thought about and well put together. The 18-year-old has been able to perfectly mix his catchy punchlines and his ability to take us on a journey with his magical stories.

Not only is Dave on of the best lyricists in the Grime world today he also branches his musical talents way beyond his voice. In ‘How I Met My Ex’ the rapper shows off his ability to play the piano. The track is one of the best around and takes us on an emotional journey uncovering men’s insecurity in relationships. The sombre tones of this song really strike a chord with anyone who listens. It is a beautiful piece of work and one which cements his undeniable talents.

This whole EP shows us just how comfortable Dave is at switching up styles without looking even remotely out of his depth. This EP has shown everyone on the music scene just how special Dave is and his skill and attention to detail will take him to the very top.