Overwatch’s popular PVE event returns on April 10th, with new skins, a new mission, and a new story. Here is everything you need to know about the new Retribution event.

The Missions

The popular Kings Row uprising mission from last year will be available again, focusing on Tracers first mission as an Overwatch agent. The players travel seven years into Overwatch’s past to play as either Tracer, Reinhart, Torbjörn or Mercy to fight a group of rogue Omnics in the streets of Kings Row.

Blizzard has also introduced a new mission, Retribution, which focuses on Genji, Moira, McCree, and Reaper- or Reyes as he was previously known. The mission takes place in Venice as the Blackwatch agents take on Talon.

The Skins

Retribution brings us many new skins for the involved characters. Sombra gets a new, short haircut in her black and red Talon skin, and Doomfist seems to have grown his hair, with some new Talon-colour scheme appropriate facepaint.

New Skins are also available for Reaper, Hanzo, Moira, Genji, and surprisingly, Mei as her pajama outfit from the animated short “Rise and Shine” comes as a skin.

As well as these new skins, all the skins from the previous year’s Uprising event will be available, so you can get your hands on favourites like Combat Medic Ziegler for Mercy and Cadet Oxton for Tracer. These skins are likely to be at a reduced in-game credit price, so if you’ve had your eye on one of these since last year, now’s the time to spend your credits.

There will also be 60 new items players can get in loot boxes, including brand new Retribution emotes, highlight intros and sprays; as well as all of the content from last years uprising event.

The gameplay

Retribution is likely to share many features with Uprising, including the PVE (player VS environment) gameplay and locking you into characters who were at the event in Overwatch canon.

Retribution sees players as the four Blackwatch heroes, Reaper (as Reyes), McCree, Moira and Genji escaping from hostile Talon territory after things went bad during the infiltration of a compound in Venice, on a mission to capture an Italian crime lord.

Like previous PVE modes, you are scored on how well you do at killing unique enemies, who have been built from the ground up especially for this mode. Some of these enemies may have abilities that seem familiar but others are much more likely to catch players out.

Once the story is completed, players unlock All Heroes mode, which allows them to play the mission with any heroes they like. There are also four difficulty modes, so the story can be made as easy or challenging as you like.

The story
Blizzard released a brand new comic for this event, fleshing out the backstory of the Retribution event, which can be read here.
Retribution starts on April 10th and runs until April 30th.