Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Evita has made it’s way to the Mayflower and has made a real impact. The show follows the rise and fall of Argentina’s former dictator and First Lady Juan and Eva Perón, and the incredible storm that surrounded all of Lady Eva’s actions throughout her life – from her humble beginnings, to her life as an actress, first lady, and her publicly mourned death.

Provocative, bombastic and tragic, the show has a strong history. The latest run of Evita has been getting wild praise, and my views aren’t at all to the contrary. The only praise I’ll withhold is where it would spoil any elements for those who haven’t seen another performance of it yet. The cast gave a fantastic showing by every measure, from Emma Hatton’s phenomenally characterful and emotional depiction of the titular Eva to the whole ensemble.

“Superb” – Daily Mail

The choreography is as slick, satisfying and emotionally evocative as the sound, which I don’t hesitate to describe as absolutely brilliant. The story is loaded with powerful highs and lows and will probably provoke some discussion with whoever you see it with, and it may very well make you more aware of your own feelings on certain matters. Emotionally involving and characterful to the last, this show has firmly shaken my belief that you have to go to London for really, really good theatre.


If you go out to see one show this season, make it this one. You’ll understand why the British musical theatre scene has only been getting stronger every year. The only qualms I have with the production are completely specific to the performance I attended, where some audio balance issues made the enunciation of the actors less clear in the first half of the show. However, don’t be put off because to speak to the quality of every other measure of the show, I’m certain lightning won’t strike twice.

“A gold-plated winner” Mail on Sunday

Whether you’re an enthusiast of musicals like me and this would be your fifth time seeing the performance, or you’re just curious about all the fuss, give into whatever could drive you to see this Evita. You’ll thank yourself. But keep in mind, due to (sparing) adult language and often-present adult themes, this isn’t really one to bring the children to.

If you missed Evita at the Mayflower, then fear not, as the show will be transferring to West End’s Phoenix Theatre this this summer for a limited time. With Emma Hatton starring as Eva, you don’t want to miss this second opportunity. For more information and to buy tickets, visit this link – you won’t regret it!