On The Scene sat down with Karan Master, front-man for The Emergency Please.  The pioneers of Neo-Pop Punk in Southampton. 

On The Scene were invited into the humble abode of Karan Master. It’s the day of the debut of his new music video, “Remember You”. Knocking on Number 46, front-door keys came flying out the window. A predictable habitual for the confident Indian-born frontman.

At 25 years old, it's 'now or never' for this young innovative creative
At 25 years old, it’s ‘now or never’ for this young innovative creative.

Who are The Emergency Please

“I’m Karan Master, I sing and play guitar. My right-hand man is Jono Powell who plays bass and the heartbeat, the drummer Garnett… Sam Garnett”

How would you describe the sound that The Emergency Please create? 

“I would say it’s like jazzy emo music. We are all heavily inspired by pop punk, neo-soul and ’emo’ soundscapes, we love it, it’s the stuff I grew up on. I’ve always wanted to make music true to that.”

“the first album I got GIVEN was The Red Hot Chilli Peppers Greatest Hits BY MY MUM on Valentine’s Day. No-one else is going to get me an album right?”

“Seriously though, it was incredible. That’s the album that kinda got me into music. I remember I was in Denmark Street… with my Dad – Nobody Put’s Baby in A Corner by Fall Out Boy starts playing on the speakers. I’d never heard it before, but straight away I was like, yo, this is the coolest thing i’ve ever heard in my life!”

“A few days later I was watching Kerrang, Sugar We’re Coming Down came on and I was like **** it’s the same band! Back in the day when you really had to hunt for songs you know… ahh I miss that!”

At 30, Jono Powell is the eldest. A multi-talented musician with a secret love for synth
At 30, Jono Powell is the eldest. A multi-talented musician with a secret love for synth

Your debut music video, “Remember You”, is being released later today. Congratulations! How was the concept for the video born? 

“We just wanted to have a house party! I think… haha… that’s the truth right? We didn’t have enough for a proper narrative but, yeah, we didn’t have a mega budget, but we wanted it done by someone who knew what they were doing. Andrew Moodie who’s shot our good friends The Disconnect. Everything was filmed in my living room… it was purely a simple and fun idea.”


What was the experience like? Is this your first time being filmed? 

I did one with The Gentleman’s Film years ago. A three week long-haul. This one took a day! Just a lovely experience, a lot of the people who came were friends of the band or have worked with us. We were just essentially having a house party with all the people we like in this city, we played that song to death. Bless them for all listening”

Were there any difficulties for the band whilst filming this music video? 

“We were playing to a track. It always disconcerting to not actually play. We were strumming unplugged, but we’re all used to our super loud vibrations. There’s a point where you realise you just gotta fight through, be a professional and play like you would live. It’s an odd beast but we got over the awkwardness after a couple of bevvies.” 

BTS: Andrew Moody takes a break well-earned break from the steamy front room.
BTS: Andrew Moodie takes a break well-earned from the steamy front room.

What do you think of the final product? 

“I’m not a video making expert, but I really like what Moodie has done, to put it bluntly, it looks cool as ****. There are a few fun bits… just for us, hidden in there somewhere. Garnett being Garnett. I don’t remember how that came about, I feel like we were doing single shots of the band and then he was just in the audience for something, eating a sandwich. Me and Jono knew that needed to stay in, it just had to be a little joke to us. Overall, it looks great, we’re really happy with it.”

What’s in store for the future of The Emergency Please?

“That’s actually the biggest question. We are in the process of re-branding…”

“We are please to announce that we are changing our name to…

Karan Master and The fortySix” 

“We’ve had a lot of problems with the old name. People think it’s The Emergency Police, I can see why they’d think that… haha… lots of people even message us with it! Like last night, some dude said it over the mic. From now on we will be Karan Master and The fortySix.”

“The best thing is that most people won’t notice that the name is influenced by my background in computer coding. We keep the same music, but we’ve written 6-8 new songs. We’re taking it, recording it, and putting it out there soon.”

Why are you all so obsessed with Neo-Soul? 

“I just think it’s such an brilliant genre to aspire to, it incorporates Funk, Jazz, Emotion, everything. I can’t think of a neo-soul artist that isn’t impeccable. It’s such a diverse genre, yet, efficient genre of music, it combines so many different flavours but it does it in a way that’s not alienating to anyone. It’s simple but complicated, it’s just enjoyable. You know what I mean, it’s just a beautiful genre of music. The good ****.”

The Emergency Please often feature guest appearances from talented friends
The Emergency Please often feature guest appearances from talented friends

Anyone who knows you can see you never grew out of the emo-phase. Are there any other artists that inspire you? 

“My neo-soul gateway artist was De Angelo, that was the first bit of neo-soul I heard. Charlene by Anthony Hamilton… even Hiatus Kaiyote. Powerhouses like; Anderson Paak, Maxwell, Jack Garret, it’s music that’s full of surprises. What I call ‘tasty’ music… there’s no other way to describe it.”

When did The Emergency Please form? 


“I was working in an office, then I quit, thought to myself, what could be better? It’s sunny and hot, life is the best, let’s make some music!” 

What is the ‘tastiest’ Emergency Please song you have? 

“It has to be something off of this EP. This EP and release we recorded a long long time ago. When i was doing it as a solo project with session musicians. On Drums was Sam West and on Bass Adam Porter. It was a completely different band till I figured out what i wanted to do with it… but tastiest song, Can’t Stop or Clark Kent Syndrome.” 

Catch the band at any of your local jam nights to grab a copy of their EP.
Catch the band at any of your local jam nights to grab a copy of their EP.

How did you become well-known in such a short space of time? 

“Gigging. I was previously in a band called, The Gentleman’s Film. We were together for 3 or 4 years. We all met at Southampton University, and we played that scene to death. We then decided to branch out to the ‘town scene’ the inner-city stuff. People started to take notice, a following slowly built from that.”

“When that band broke up, I started The Emergency Please. I didn’t want the buzz to fade so I started making more music in the same kinda formula. We just gigged a lot. Started playing outside of Southampton too, speaking to as many people as we could about it. Now we are here.” 

What is the music scene in Southampton like? 

It’s divided into two categories. The open mic scene, the jam nights we call them. There’s one on every day of the week in Southampton. Then every weekend there’s a range of live performances. It’s a great scene, even if your an artist gigging, at the end of a show, you can continue to play music in a nice comfortable environment and just improve and play covers or originals.”

“That’s the aspect of this city that makes it unique, not many places work this way. It’s really cool. Yeah… a lot of venues have closed down here, but there’s still a vibe, a community thriving, everyone is welcome, it’s coming up.” 

Finally, describe your band in three words…

“Seriously. Superbly. Sad”

To download and listen to a digital copy of their music, visit Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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