With just over a week until Nintendo release yet another game to the Pokémon franchise; it’s time to take a look at what we can expect to come and whether it’s worth splashing the cash.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon are the second paired versions of Generation VII and feature an alternate storyline from Pokémon Sun and Moon, which were released last November. The games will be available on the Nintendo 3DS and according to Game Freak director, Shigeru Ohmori, will be the last Pokémon games available for the 3DS, after he stated in an interview to IGN that he feels as if they’ve reached the full extent of what could be achieved on the handheld console.

But what exactly makes this game worth buying? Isn’t it exactly the same as Sun and Moon? Will I be wasting my time just like I did when they released Black and White 2? Probably not.

This game isn’t just a remake, it’s a new story: it isn’t clear what that will be yet, but the whole point of playing a new game is for a different storyline; and it’s even more exciting that we’ll be able to unfold the adventure ourselves.

Pokémon will be released across the world on November 17th. (Credit: PA Wire)

Both versions of the game will feature Pokémon that were never included in the original – that includes new and returning Pokémon, so something to keep old-time fans and new fans happy and interested.

There will be plenty of new features to enjoy which will allow you to make the most of your adventure even more: this includes character customising, new areas, new legendary Z-Moves and it’s hinted in one trailer there will be the return of everyone’s beloved feature, being able to walk with your Pokémon.

For old time players – like me – a recent trailer unveiled that old bosses will be making a return as “Team Rainbow Rocket”. It’s been over fifteen years since Team Rocket last showed up, so this honestly is a really exciting feature for the new games. The team has also recruited other significant members from other series, including Archie, Maxie, and Lysandre to their cause – it’s always great seeing old faces.

Boxart for the Nintendo 3DS game. (Credit: PA Wire)

And if you’re not convinced yet, there’s an entire valley dedicated to Pikachu which will create more fun games for players to do along the main storyline. You can also get some different outfits and other things, which is honestly pretty cool.

Now granted, you may still be stuck in the rut that Game Freak and Nintendo are completely running out of ideas and the continuous release of new games is killing Pokémon – but they honestly are definitely expanding the franchise for the better and making improvements to these games that make them so much more addicting to play. So I say: give them a chance, it won’t hurt.

And if you’re completely convinced that you want to buy Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon but don’t know which one is best for you, we can walk through the differences between each game now.

The obvious one is that certain Pokémon will be exclusive to specific games, you can find a list of those Pokémon here. Same goes for certain legendary Pokémon too. One suggestion if you’re looking to complete your Pokédex, is to get the opposite version of the game you bought last year (so if you got Sun last time, get Ultra Moon this time) because the exclusive Pokémon are essentially the same as what they were in the previous games.

The two games are set 12 hours apart. Ultra Sun will reflect the time that is set on your 3DS clock, whilst Ultra Moon will be 12 hours ahead – meaning if you play during the day, it will be night in the game.

Additionally, the games introduce a new group called the Ultra Recon Squad and dependent on which game you buy will mean you will encounter different members. In Ultra Sun players will cross paths with Dulse and Zossie and in Ultra Moon players will meet Phyco and Soliera.

Or you know – really break the bank and get both. It’s what student loans and overdrafts are for right?

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon will be released on November 17th 2017.