Are you ready to get cheeky Southampton? A new Nando’s has opened up in the city centre.

The famous Portuguese style chicken restaurant opened up its doors opposite the Guildhall Square this week. So if you are looking for somewhere new and cheeky to eat, then Nando’s is for you!

If you have yet to try the Nando’s experience let us put it simply:

  • You choose a spice to fit your comfort level, from low to extra hot.
  • You choose what type of chicken you want, it can be a burger, wrap, and even just chicken on the bone.
  • You choose from two sides, again there are many options to choose from including chips, garlic bread, and many more.
  • Then you enjoy!

When I first walked into to Nando’s I was instantly hit by the tantalising smell of freshly cooked chicken and spice, which built huge anticipation for my meal, from there I was treated by the warm and personable staff who are incredibly polite and well mannered.

Another element of the restaurant that hit me was the social buzz, with the hum of friends and families all enjoying their meals together, a cosy and comfortable atmosphere could be felt as soon as I arrived, perfect for the casual lunch after a day in the city.

Photography by Gregor Hannah

The decor of the restaurant is fantastic. Its textured walls and low hanging lights give a very cosy and cosmopolitan feel to it, just adding to the authenticity of the food.

However, it’s the food itself that sets Nando’s apart from the competition. Although they have a strong focus on chicken, the added spice and peri-peri sauce really tickle the taste buds.

The dish I tried was the medium 1/2 chicken, with peri-peri chips, and garlic bread. The chicken was just the right combination of juicy and spicy, with each bite the spice became more and more distinctive, but never overpowering. Perfect.

Food at Nando's
Photography by Gregor Hannah

The peri-peri chips also deserve and honourable mention. Like the chicken they were cooked to perfection, crunchy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. The balance between the peri-peri powder and chips was also just right, and the taste and spice became the perfect combination. The restaurant also has a great kids’ menu if you can’t handle the spice, and features a tamer option for the wimps.

The total cost of the meal came to around £25 for two people, which is reasonable for the quality of food and services, as well as a bottomless drink.

“I would highly recommend Southampton Nando’s, with the social feeling, great food, and brilliant staff, Nando’s is definitely the place to get your cheeky weekend started.”

To find out more about Nando’s visit where you can see the menu yourself.

Don’t forget the #RuleTheRoost campaign where Nando’s have been grilling celebs like Shy Fx.