PREVIEW: Football Manager 2018

PREVIEW: Football Manager 2018

Football Manger 2018 cover (Sorce: Sega)

Autumn is in full swing which means video game releases come through thick and fast and Football Manager is no exception.

Football Manager, the second biggest football game of the year, is set to roll out to the public next week.

Football Manager’s 2018 edition has a beta version and although fiddled with bugs, new features are aplenty.

Only those, like myself, who play FM religiously notice the subtle changes but it seems as those team chemistry and squad dynamics have been given a complete overhaul.

Preview from Football Manager 2018 (Source: PA Wire)

A new button on the sidebar called ‘dynamics’ has been added, which shows a hierarchy of your players and how much of an affect each player has on the overall squad harmony.

For example, as manager of Norwich City, three of the most senior players including my captain and vice captain have the most influence on the team.

Alex Tettey, a veteran of Norwich, was transfer listed and caused a big of carnage when it came to team harmony.

Other features include slight changes to team tactics, with the addition of telling your full backs to under lap as well as overlap.

Football Manager’s layout has always stayed the same. Source: SEGA

The database has stayed the same size but additions have been made to the scouting system and sport science, as well as the feature in which some auto generated players come out as gay.

The transfers are still ridiculously overpriced in comparison to budgets but it does allow more creative signings.

Overall, it’s hard to see how Football Manager can get worse as time progresses, with additional features being piled in every year.

As well as enhanced graphics, the speed of the game is pleasant and customisable.

The proper release will drop on November 10, on Steam and from the SEGA store.