London based singer-songwriter FREEMAN has released a brand new single via Catapult Records.

It’s called Redemption and is available everywhere now.

This brand new single follows his debut single Lay On which picked up a lot of support from Huffington Post and was even played on BBC Radio London. The video achieved 180 thousand views in its first week and featured footage from the Oscar winning French short film, The Red Balloon.

The single was recorded at Eastcote Studios in Kensal Rise, London, and peaks into what we can expect from his upcoming album Truth.

Redemption is a very heartfelt and infectious song. It is a love song to a mysterious person. FREEMAN states: ‘If you’re ever in trouble, will you please count on me,’ for one example of some lyrics. This proves how head over heels he is, but perhaps the other person cannot see this.

‘Lonely tonight, looking for salvation,’ is also sung multiple times, again proving that the person he is singing about is not with him but he wants them to be. It is a very moving song and truly shows his mood through the lyrics and the tempo. The song is sung at a slow pace which allows us to truly appreciate the lyrics. It may even cause you to shed a tear or two. The song would fit mainly under the indie pop genre but has aspects of others. It has a ballad feel to it as it’s just FREEMAN and his guitar.

“If you’re ever in trouble will you please count on me”

In terms of the music video for the song, it is very visually aesthetic. It has beautiful scenic shots of waterfalls and deserts amongst others. At no point do we see FREEMAN himself but instead see three gorgeous ladies (Edsa Ramirez, Alejandra Infante and Fernanda Vizzuet) in these magnificent photogenic places.

The song is as a very slow tempo and pure lyrics. Therefore, these shots of scenic spaces allow us to focus on the lyrics and their true meanings. The song wouldn’t suit the style of popular music videos, in which we see parties and lots of action. They way they have constructed the video is purely terrific.

The video is said to be based on the idea by Mexican media company Televisa in celebrating the bicentennial of Mexico. This song is just a dip into what we can expect from his upcoming spring album. This will be his debut album and from what we can tell from ‘Redemption’ will be a very pure and emotional album.

FREEMAN first picked up a guitar when he was a teenager living in Cuba. He is said to have taken inspiration from 70s icons such as Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Fleetwood Mac. FREEMAN was also obsessed with the Rolling Stones when he was teenager.

He writes and sings songs that are beautiful and tender similar to Jeff Buckley, Laura Marling and Scott Matthews. All of the songs seem to have a 70s feel to them but with modern day melodies and tempos mixed in.

FREEMAN is set to play a special live show at the Mau Mau Bar in London on May 12th. There are also rumoured to be more show dates in the pipeline.