Living in Sheffield has shown me the true side of Yorkshire: hard graft, girders, and getting enough money to pay the lecky. Simon Beauty’s stage adaption of The Full Monty at the Mayflower theatre captured both the Northern soul and determination 100%.

For those who don’t know, The Full Monty follows the story of a group of unemployed steelworkers in Sheffield in the 1980s, exploring depression, suicidal thoughts, unemployment, and sexuality. After seeing how well the Chipindale male strippers did at the local social, Gaz (Gary Lucy) convinces the other unemployed lads at “job club” to join him and become male strippers. One after the other, they join his crusade and the shenanigans ensue.

If you enjoyed the film then the show was no different (although a handful of scenes are cut from this adaption). It still captured the mood and the atmosphere of a mid-80s Sheffield.

THE FULL MONTY  photo Matt Crockett

Being a Northerner means I got to judge the accents, and while they were slightly rocky, the actors did a fantastic job! The acting in the show was brilliant, with a stand out performance by Martin Miller who plays Dave, his truly Northern accent and brilliant comedic deliverance made him a pleasure to watch.

The stellar acting was only enhanced by the incredible stage work. The stage had a skeleton of an old steel mill that moved into different sets and locations at a moments notice. You could always see the steel works, but it didn’t take away from the experience. The way in which the performers interacted with the set was fantastic, climbing up and down ladders, playing about with cranes and balancing acts on girders, all of which added to this ‘champion’ performance.


Taking the spotlight off the performance, the audience participation was also great fun: catcalling, wolf whistling and ripped off t-shirts thrown into the crowd really created a warm atmosphere within The Mayflower.

The Full Monty was a real treat; it was like being at home and listening to the local lads at the pub after work. As someone who loved the film, I feel the cast and crew did a brilliant job at adapting it for the stage and covered the key scenes and features of the film. The show exceeded my expectations and gave me a night of laughs, ladies’ catcalling, oh and butt cheeks.

I attended the show with a friend who had never even heard of The Full Monty  read about his experience here.

The Full Monty runs until Saturday 7th November 2015. To buy tickets, visit or call the Box Office on 02380 711811.