From personal experience, very few people I have come across residing in Southampton seem to truly enjoy, let alone appreciate the student city in which they dwell. Whether this is a testament to the place itself, or to my friend choices we’ll never know, but it is perhaps what makes the fact steam user and redditor sevtraz created a 1:1 explorable scale of the coastal city all the more impressive.

Cities: Skyline is a computer game created by Colossal Order in which the user can create, simulate and explore their own vast open-ended cityscapes. Once the city has been created, users must then play to maintain the population’s happiness and health, amongst attending to other necessities such as the cities budget, employment, pollution, traffic flow, etc.

Whilst the game seems exceedingly vast and no less complex, its evident that gamer sevtraz was up to the challenge. Dedicating 20-30 hours of his time to recreating his hometown, the man has accurately reproduced Southampton down to the meticulousness of the bus routes (excluding the Xela bus service, and that only because the diagrams of their routes are terrible. Burn!)

Below are several screenshots from the actual simulation (expand them to truly get a grasp on how much effort and diligence has gone into the recreation).


skyline 1

skyline 4skyline common

Even down to the common walkways, sevtraz’s attention to detail is incredible.

skyline 8

skyline 6

Users of the game can adopt a first person view, immersing themselves in the city and exploring the real-but-not Southampton. 

For the curious, below are the creator’s steam account, imgur album containing the rest of the pictures and the thread in which he posted about his virtual construction.