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I can almost guarantee if you’re reading this then one of your New Year’s resolutions back in January was to get a little thinner and a bit tighter for 2015.

The majority of us blame the fact we are too skint to get fit. But do we need money to get in shape? Well in fact NO! Our biggest excuse is that we are too poor and yes hitting the gym does mean spending a lot of dollar.

However this doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to get fit. Whether you’re a gym freak or have never been to a gym in your life, there are loads of ways to get healthy and fit and CHEAPLY!

So here’s a breakdown of SEVEN great ways to get you moving:

1: Fitness DVD’s

This may sounds silly and maybe a bit cringe, especially if you stick a work out DVD around halls or when your housemates are around. But how about in your room or when housemates aren’t in? It’s a way to get your heart rate up and great way to tone. You can pick up DVD’s as cheap as 99p, even check them out on YouTube or have a look on Amazon.

They will motivate you, make you giggle, and are fun to do with friends, making exercise less boring and more importantly all for under a fiver!

2: Go for a Run!

Stop being lazy and go for a run! Find a scenic route, maybe a park, common or even around the block. You can change your route each time so you don’t get bored. No more excuses and don’t keep blaming it on the weather! If its chilly, add MORE layers and if it’s too hot, no excuse, there’s no such thing in the UK as too hot.

Running will also make you happier. It strengthens bones and joints, builds muscle and helps to sheds those pounds.

3: Join a University sports team

You don’t need to be the next Jessica Ennis or the new Usain Bolt to join the Uni sports team! There is a wide variety of different teams to get involved with, so pick which one suits you and get stuck in.

4: Cut out the Crap!

Sounds obvious but cutting the junk food can banish that muffin top and save those pennies. Getting a take away or a Two-for-Tuesday’s pizza at Dominos isn’t good for your wallet or your health. Therefore just ditch it all together.

5: Appster

Download apps on your phone or tablet which help with diet tips, fitness routines and work out guides.. for example: Seven Minute workout plan which allows you to follow the work out plan for seven minutes! The phone works as your very own personal trainer.

There are so many great free apps out there which will help you track your progress which can be shared on social media to keep you motivated and give you encouragement.

6: Take the stairs

Stop being lazy and shake off those calories by making a few small changes and take the stairs and not the lift! The best way to shake off the hangover on a Thursday morning after Oceana Wednesdays is running up the stairs to that all important morning lecture.

7: Get home equipment…

There is cheap home equipment you can get for under £10 at Argos and many Supermarkets which mean that you can work up a sweat in the comfort of your own home.

There you have it, seven ways to stick to your new year’s resolution on a budget. Before you know it you’ll begin to notice a tighter feel in your muscles and you will naturally perform more reps as time progresses and all without spending a penny!