The Glorious Sons
The Glorious Sons perform in front of a crowd of fans

The Glorious Sons are releasing a new album Young Beauties and Fools and it is quality.

While The Glorious Sons are relatively unknown in the UK, they have been highly successful in the US and Canada. On their last record, The Union, they achieved over 10 million streams.

For those of you who have not yet had the delight of hearing their music, I urge you to watch their new video Everything is Alright. It’s very much stripped back; there are no flashy futile effects, which we are all too used to seeing in music videos these days. The focus is entirely on the vocals. With no distractions in the videos from the music itself you can truly appreciate the beautiful lyrics of the song.

The Glorious Son’s Glorious Songs

After 18 months of work on the album, the band came up with nothing. Their production team, Fast Friends, used vocalist Brett’s collection of voice notes on his phone which led to a eureka moment. Thanks to this passion and creativity, the team had the album written in 12 days and recorded in 14. The album (which I cannot stop listening to) certainly doesn’t sound like it was written in under 2 weeks. It is so smooth and impactful, it seems like they have spent a lifetime on it. If you want to hear this pure genius then you’re in luck. the album is being released in Europe on the 23rd of February.

“You don’t know what you’re going to get night to night from us. It’s something you have to see – we try to keep it interesting and powerful,” says guitarist Jay Emmons. After their sold out show at Old Blue Last back in December, they are returning to the UK to prove it again. They will be performing tracks from their new album in London, Manchester and Glasgow. Tickets are still available for all these shows.

Glorious Sons Tour Dates

Mon 5th March –         Boston Music Room/ London
Tues 6th March –        Deaf Institute/ Manchester 
Weds 7th March –       King Tuts/ Glasgow