All Good Things

All Good Things have released a new video for their hit Break Through This Wall

The video features a very unique concept; featuring only their fans who are singing/miming lyrics.

The video idea really shows the music world and what All Good Things are really about. Last year, Classic Rock Magazine dubbed them as ‘the band created by their own fans.’

They started to post about wanting fans to be involved in the video and after a slow start to proceedings, a few fans came forward and wanted to get involved. That was the gateway for more to start flooding in.

The song itself is an epic rock song with the typical loud base tempo and deep vocals. It ultimately makes you want to pick up your air guitar and start performing in your bedroom. The theme of the song is based on determination to keep on going and never let people bring you down. It suggests they have thick skin and do not allow anyone to ‘break through this wall.’

At the end of the music video, they included every fan in the credits that send a clip of themselves. It’s a creditable notion and will make their fans feel very pleased with themselves.

This great rock song will connect with a lot of people that suffer with confidence or anxiety issues. Many people will listen to the song and believe the lyrics are about their situation and could help them mentally going forward. It may give them a boost in confidence to go and be themselves and not allow anyone to knock them down.