The Gospel Youth

The Gospel Youth have released a brand new video for their song ‘Bloodlines,’ which is from their album Always Lose.

The band from Brighton released the music video in time for their UK tour in the coming weeks. Formed in 2014, the five-piece band have performed alongside the likes of We Are The Ocean, Mallory Knox, Deaf Havana, and many more. In 2016, the band released 12 singles in 12 months. It meant they could write month on month about live experiences, making the songs actually mean something to them.

The band consists of vocalist Samuel Little, two guitarists Julian Bowen and Kev Deverick, bass player James Dixon, and the drummer Kurtis Maiden.

The video for Bloodlines shows the band performing the song on a stage to a live crowd. It is a simple concept, one that you think would be highly used, but yet it is unique and serves as a little snippet of what they’re like live.

It also shows that they appreciate and support their fans. In some ways, it also allows you to get to know the whole of Gospel Youth rather than just the singer who would feature alone in a typical music video.

The song is about love, and how a mysterious person has been left by Little. The whole idea of the song is that Little misses them and promises to go back to them one day. It appears he may have had problems as he was forced to leave. The last lines of the song is ‘I am trying to get better all the time.’

He also says ‘I guess I’m scared to learn of all the ways you’ve changed,’ and ‘Well I promise you one day, I will come back home and see you.’ The lyrics seem so pure and emotional which is backed up by the melody and harmony of the song, which seem to set the whole mood.

“I found a photograph of the day we had in Brighton”

Gospel Youth have been gaining deserved recognition for their latest album and have been called ‘Your new favourite band’ by Rock Sound magazine and ‘absolutely F***ing Brilliant’ by Upset magazine.

Their latest album features ten songs, however, only one music video has been produced so far. The album contains a range of types of rock, from slower rock to quick-tempo rock. The first song on the album I Will Deliver You To The Fireflies, is a mixture of both slow and quick tempo rock.

Due to the range of songs the album has, it will suit anyone and everyone. The album also has plenty of instrumentals, which make it highly likeable. The instrumentals give the songs a temporary feel and ensure that the band fit in with more popular rock bands, without actually being too similar.

As previously mentioned, the band are currently on tour. Their tour started on the 6th of March in Manchester and will end on the 13th in Bristol.


6th March –       Ritz: Manchester
8th March –       Koko: London
10th March –     QMU: Glasgow
11th March –     Rock City: Nottingham
12th March –     Stylus: Leeds
13th  March-     Motion: Bristol