Happy Death Day released 13th October in the UK.

“Somebody is going to kill me tonight!”   ★★★★

Happy Death Day brings a new spin on Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day. Theresa “Tree” Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) finds herself in a time loop by reliving the same day which always results in her death. The plot revolves around Tree trying to decipher who her killer is so she can ultimately live to see the following day.

Waking up in an unfamiliar dorm room, birthday girl Tree leaves embarrassed and proceeds to have a day filled with bad luck. This is until a masked killer ends her life… But it’s the first of many times. The many death styles include being bludgeoned, stabbed, strangled, blown up, hung and poisoned. The friendly and supportive Carter (Israel Broussard) is understanding towards Tree’s situation. He offers the role of love interest which gives an extra layer of depth to Rothe’s character.

The film acts as a throwback to previous slasher films such as Scream. It offers a fun and, in some cases, comedic feel to it. Tree starts off as the traditional spoilt, ungrateful and obnoxious character. As the film progresses, she finds herself not just on a journey to find her killer, but to make herself a better person.

Happy Death Day starring Jessica Rothe
Happy Death Day starring Jessica Rothe

The mysteries surrounding who the killer is are always popular with these types of films, and Happy Death Day’s mystery doesn’t disappoint. Just when you think the film is going in a certain direction, BAM. Rewind. The ‘whodunnit’ will leave viewers shocked and guessers wrong.

The film itself is a great watch, even if it does lack the horror feel that has been billed to it. It relies on jump scares where the volume is adjusted to go through the roof rather than what’s happening on screen. However, the editing masters the film’s tension; allowing the viewer to sense when there is someone else in the room, and suspecting something will happen.

Director, Christopher B. Landon depicts a fun, mysterious picture which will no doubt be enjoyed by teens and adults across the world.

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