Hayseed Dixie

Founded on a drunken night illuminated with whiskey, Hayseed Dixie are back to start another storm. With a new single out at the end of the month ‘Aint No Country Big Enough’ off the their latest album ‘Free Your Mind… And Your Grass Will Follow’ released in April, fans yearned for more. Yearn no more, as dates across July and summer festival dates shall be announced. Spending 8 weeks in the UK alone, the band shall conquer Falmouth to Inverness, Southampton, Liverpool up to Cardiff and numerous other spots along the way.

With testimonials such as ‘The musicianship is superb’ from Daily Mail and ‘Fun in the right bar with the right amount of Jack Daniels…’ The Times; the band are truly never burning out. With 17 years and 15 albums, physical sales upwards of half a million, 1,200 live shows in over 31 different countries to date, there really is no stopping them.