PREVIEW: Hex releases single ‘Gene Kelly’

PREVIEW: Hex releases single ‘Gene Kelly’


Nottingham-based Hex, otherwise known as WXVEY HEX, has dropped his newest single “Gene Kelly”.

As expected, the most recently released track features many references to the late Gene Kelly himself. However, the music differs from the time where Kelly was topping the charts with the iconic Singing In The Rain.

Hex’s style is similar to Post Malone, however with the British Grime twist. If you want a comparison closer to home, think of J Hus or AJ Tracey.

The single has already been featured on Charlie Sloth’s famous 7pm slot on Radio 1Xtra, and follows songs such as Me, Myself and I and Hold My Shadow. Alongside the Soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes release, Hex dropped the video on Youtube – it has currently amassed nearly 20,000 views.


Hex uses the lighting predominantly from this umbrella. Source: WXVEY HEX

The video has complete synergy with the lyrics from the song, featuring the umbrella that featured in the 1952 film. Its lighting is blurred and shows the garage style of the song, while also showing the mysterious side to Hex.

His actual identity is fairly unknown, which is transformed well into film as a hat and dark lighting hides most of his facial features in the beginning of the should-be anthem.

The lighting comes predominantly from inside the umbrella, symbolising a spotlight on himself. It is clear Hex has a small budget with just the single set, but it works well as a dark backdrop.

As he reveals himself more throughout the video, we learn how he is very much British. His look features a style that wouldn’t look out of place on People Just Do Nothing.

Luckily, that is where the resemblance with MC Grindah ends, with Hex producing one of the catchiest songs in Grime. He differs majorly from most other males on the Grime scene; he sounds conclusively as if he was born in America.

He has followed up his early 2017 release Limitless with another song which is sure to catch the attention of others in his genre.

Watch the video for Gene Kelly here: