Hip-Hop Hits Southampton this Weekend

Hip-Hop Hits Southampton this Weekend

Kano at Switch Southampton Thursday 21st January

Southampton is getting a double taste of hip-hop flavour this week with two shows from established artists; East-end born Grime MC Kano at Switch on Thursday (21st January) and then Essex born rapper Devlin at The Social on Friday (22nd January).

Both shows will feature support from a range of artists in Southampton’s own AirForce Records team; Mike Brown, Dean Hayze, Damien Murdoch, Triggs Legacy, KCB , LST and Natalie Roseblade.

AirForce records have been up and running for nearly a year now and have some great achievements in such a relatively short time, including supporting Professor Green and even nipping across to the states to join Bizarre from D12, Eminem’s old band.

Needless to say each show will have a level of musical quality that is likely to please all under the musical umbrella with grime, hip-hop and rap with soul tendencies.

The gigs are bought to us by the Don’t Care Entertainment team – the new promoters on the block in Southampton. Tickets available here: