Our Hollow, Our Home music video

Can you recognise this Southampton place in Our Hollow, Our Home music video?

Our Hollow, Our Home are a new addition to the metal scene in Southampton. Previously in a band called Deadlines, the band decided to break up, change a few members, reform under a new name and whack out a few new tunes for everyone to hear.

Our Hollow, Our Home
Our Hollow, Our Home

Their music video for the track called “Rest assured” was shot in Southampton back in 2013, not too far away from the Northam Road. Once the video gets to 00.03 you can easily see Royal Mail delivery office, surrounding building and the beginning of the Northam bridge.

There is no doubt that these guys are going to become huge very soon- influenced by Bury Tomorrow (another awesome metal band to come out of the South Coast), with beautiful cleans, deep guttural screams and melodic guitars, Our Hollow, Our Home already boasts a massive loyal fanbase and a number of successful gigs at such festivals as Common People, Edgefest, Teddy Rocks and Butser Festival!