2016 in your hands

New Year
’s Eve is knocking at our door. No plan for the big night between the years? Instead of sitting alone in front of the telly, get your own private party planned following these simple steps.

Have fun with a limited list of guests

Of course, having a full house of people sounds like more fun for the New Year’s Eve party, but that involves a massive budget with all the food and drinks plus decorations to spend on. One thing to keep in mind is that your guests would attend the party to enjoy the company they’re with and not some elaborate dinner or live band. Besides, it’ll be better off entertaining a small group of people than trying to please fifty.

Create your own handmade decorations          

If you’re in want for something quick and cheap, but also to give it a festive look, a very good way to achieve that is to reuse your Christmas decorations. Get creative without going too far. Concentrate on a minimalist colour palette like gold, white, and silver or any other colours you fancy. Add a touch of sparkles and the party’s good to start.           Although, if you’d like something different, why not host a costume party or a themed party?


Don’t go wild about beverage selections

New Year’s Eve is a great celebration. You and your friends would definitely like to have a toast at midnight and not only. That doesn’t mean that you’d have to buy the whole liquor store. Why not go at middle ground and offer your friends beer and wine. You could also give your friends the chance to get their own preferred drinks. Another great idea would be to ask everyone to bring a bottle of sparkling wine that you could enjoy when the clock strikes twelve midnight. Here’s a great sparkling red wine cocktail recipe that you could try:

One more thing though: don’t forget to be prepared for those of your friends who don’t drink alcohol:

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve party everyone and Happy New Year!