How to Survive Third Year

How to Survive Third Year


So you’re in your final year of university, the year that really counts. Gone are the Fresher days of getting drunk every night and spending the next day in bed silently dying and watching How I Met Your Mother. So how do you survive it? With the stress piling up, it’s no wonder we feel like packing it all in. But don’t worry. Have a read of these helpful tips on how to survive the most important year of your life so far.

1Start early

Ok let’s be realistic. Over summer you’re not really going to be thinking about dissertations and uni work, you just want a break, right? That’s fine. But a word to the wise, have some idea of what you want to do. Even if it’s the tiniest, inkling of an idea and you don’t know where it’ll take you, it will help you, your lecturers and your supervisors too. Overall, you’ll feel so much better about third year if you have a plan for your dissertation subject.

2Utilize every resource available to you

The library has a huge selection of books in every area of study, and can be incredibly helpful when researching for your units and the dreaded dissertation. Use them to your advantage and take as many out as you can, even if you’re not sure you’ll use them all. You’ll kick yourself if you suddenly need a book and another student has snapped it up! Your lecturers are also there to help you. They may be busy with other work but remember, this is your last year and you need every single ounce of their knowledge to help you achieve that First.

3Make sure you give yourself a break

The work will pile up and continue to do so throughout the year, but don’t forget to give yourself a break. You won’t be able to concentrate if you’re constantly working. Go on a night out, take a day off, and do something you enjoy. It will help you relax and then you can go back to your work with a clear head.

4Stock up

No one will blame you for having the entire sweet isle from Asda in your cupboards during third year. How else are you expected to survive the all-nighters and days in the library without a constant sugar fuelled diet?

5Have a plan for the future

It may still seem too soon for you to start ‘adulting’, but you need a plan after you finish university for the big wide world! It is daunting, believe me, but you’ll feel so much better about yourself once you’ve got something in place. Whether it’s travelling, doing a master’s degree or you want to go straight into a graduate job, start looking and booking your way into the world of work.

6Relax and enjoy it

Don’t be afraid to have a cry now and again. There will be countless times where you’ll want to quit, go home and live with your parents for the rest of your life, but be strong. Push the negative thoughts to the back of your head and fill it with positive ones. This is a new chapter in your life and it can’t wait to meet you.