George Ezra
George Ezra's 'Staying at Tamara's' reviewed.

George Ezra’s second album Staying at Tamara’s is a soulful remittance of his earlier work’s deep felt emotions that comes four long years after his chart-topping debut album Wanted on Voyage.

The opening tune offers you a peacefulness Ezra preaches to, the ground he stands on. It’s name is ‘Happy Shining People’ which is a tune with a cautious voyeurism. Followed by ‘’Don’t Matter Now’ it’s Ezra’s year from what I can see. The album implodes at  ‘Paradise’, very catchy and grounded. He wrote the album in Barcelona.

‘All My Love’ is a song that has lover’s rock undertones, I’m sure when you hear him singing to the off beat you will be as excited as I am about these lovely tracks – big ups the summer love!

‘Sugarcoat’ is another well written song, with a layered afro-beat that holds your heart close.

‘Hold My Girl’ was another strong track. Ezra has a lot of wonder in his sights. Seriously to me he does ‘turn it around’, like he says ‘i’ve got time’, ‘i’ve got love’. It’s easy to appreciate a folky styled musician like this because his attitude is so rare, not even cautious.

‘Saviour’ chews more so at a general heartstring, Ezra’s come back with more empathetic feelings from writing, I can tell because of how he wrote his first album – spitting for freedom.

The closing two songs ‘Only A Human’ and ‘The Beautiful Dream’ almost let Ezra take off into the night, he’s a massive dreamer and these songs all mull over like his own height amongst the trees. Nothing’s going to stop him from it, this album is a testament to not giving in, being adverse and holding on to the thrashing rhythm of whatever life challenges you with.

All his chilled out nothing attitude is challenging – Ezra seems to brave existing like life is there to be conquered and does it in style, I respect how far this North London musician has come – he traps his message for you to marvel at.