Huw Samuel
Huw Samuel

Starting out in an ASDA supermarket, one of the largest social media phenomenons has been producing videos alongside Ice Cube and Kevin Hart in anticipation of their new movie ‘Ride Along 2’, which has recently replaced Star Wars at the top of the Box Office charts.

Meet Huw Samuel, the self-proclaimed ‘movie buff’.

Huw has been producing videos on Vine, a social media network for short videos, and has over 150,000,000 loops. Samuel said, “People tend to get just as impressed by 1 million as they do 150 million. It is sometimes cool to try and imagine that many people in one room though,” he exclaims.

He began whilst at university, finding enough time to be creative alongside his studies and take part in numerous projects. But when he left, he reentered into the world earning below the bare minimum. So how did he rise to fame?

One thing is clear, he never gave up on his ambition. Samuel said, “Every time you step into a work environment it is a chance to prove your value. I kept doing it until the right people saw me.”

The pursuit to become a major producer began when Huw started making videos on vine ‘to keep the creative juices flowing’. Within 1 year, he had gained 14,000 followers.

The BBC then acknowledged his 30,000 fan following and asked him to create vines for them offering a paid contract.  The offers started flooding in from the likes of Lionsgate, MTV and Universal. The videos are mainly comedy sketches which have landed him a future in acting as well as producing.

He has since soared to nearly a half of a million followers, in just three years. An impressive anecdote.

Lionsgate, the most successful mini major film and television distribution company in North America, recruited Huw to boost DVD sales by creating original advertising content.

Universal then crashed the party, but wanted to go a step further. Huw was taken down to Miami and introduced to actor Kevin Hart and rapper Ice Cube.  “They just heard of me and what I was doing and approached an agency to find out who I was and how they can get me,” he said.

Universal is the only studio to have released three billion-dollar films in one year which include Fast and Furious 7, Jurassic World and Minions.

Huw Samuel directed many different videos with the cast for the Ride Along sequel movie, perhaps most famously an entertaining music video called ‘Dead Granny’, which has in just a month reached over 150,000 hits.  His impressive array of work within the film industry has led to a regular and wonderful working relationship with film studios.

Huw Samuel is frequently sharing videos on his Facebook and are accessible on his page and welcomes new followers. But have we heard the last of social media celebrities?

No. That is for sure. Jack Jones, a far more controversial short film producer, is another one that has lit up Facebook as of late. Aaron Craswell is just another.

Huw’s inspiration came from his manager as early on in his career as working the nights at Asda. He said, “Nothing inspired me more to be ambitious and push myself towards my dreams then seeing an old man, working at ASDA his entire life when the store has no customers in.

That old man held the key to his fortune, but Huw had to get out there to find it.

Words: Christian Bird