With the unlimited potential that computers and technology now offer in creative potential, it is no surprise that people can produce the most impressive, outlandish and out-of-this world video games and concept art. But what if i were to tell you Solent has been home to some exceedingly talented individuals that can and have expertly crafted some stunning CGI, right under our noses?

Aeryn Davies is one of these individuals displaying true artistic flair and imaginative originality with their work – particularly in turning Nikola Tesla into an electricity wielding spark-plug superhero (pun intended). Equipped with a myriad of electricity-inspired gadgets, Aeryn’s work is very impressive. Not limited to the Tesla concept art, Aeryn’s portfolio is very impressive from both an artistic and skill standpoint.


tesla equipment

Aeryn’s portfolio can be found here in it’s entirety.



Another portfolio, Sam Denmark’s surreal artwork and video game imagery is just as impressive. Their work, adopting a more ominous air, is highly ornamental and no less imaginative, with such concept artwork as… well, I can show you better than I can tell you.

sam denmarksam denmark 2

Not limited in their talents, Sam also has plenty of excellent pieces diverging from morbidity, such as the Solid Snake and environment piece demonstrated below – the featured image titled ‘Arkham Knight’ is also courtesy of Sam.

sam snake

sam grass

The rest of Sam Denmark’s impressive work can be found here.


Plenty more impressive portfolios can be found on Game Developers Network, Southampton, all talent courtesy of Southampton Solent University, believe it or not!