Dutch singer-songwriter Nathassia Devine, who is based in London, has released her new single, Light of the World.

The single has great club influences with funky beats and electronic themes.

Originally from the Netherlands, Nathassia joined the UK to share her reinvented style of the electronica genre.

She is becoming the new face of electronic music and has huge fan bases in the UK, Greece, Egypt, Morocco, and Suriname.

Nathassia made history by earning the title as the first electronic music artist ever to perform at the Valley of the Kings in Egypt at the Nefertiti International Fashion Festival.

She worked on her album with great British Dubstep producers Stenchman and Pete Ardon, and co-written several songs with Grammy award-winning writer and producer Bruce Elliott-Smith.

Check out the music video of Light of the World that she collaborated with Rare Candy.

I interviewed Nathassia about her new single and how she is re-defining the electronica genre.

Nathassia is currently on her Feel the Future Now UK tour and will perform in Southampton soon.

Book now to see Nathassia perform live at The Joiners in Southampton on December 8th.


What has been a surprising response to Light of the World?

NATHASSIA: An unbelievable amount of interview requests and reviews from publications I follow like DJ Mag and Female First.

What inspired you to write the single?

NATHASSIA: I was inspired by recent developments in A.I. and robotics, and I realised that we are soon maybe about to face the biggest change in our history when love consciousness merges with technology.

Did you have a vision of how the single would sound like or did you experiment in the studio?

An exciting combination of both! First, I wrote the lyrics and melody. After completing the recording

of the vocals, I worked with producers I know well into creating the music, which is a back and forward process that can take up to several months.

What did you learn from working with producers Stenchman and Pete Ardron on your album?

Working with such great talent made the process so enjoyable.

What did you learn from co-writing songs with writer and producer Bruce Elliott-Smith?

Because English isn’t my first language, my lyrics can sometimes get a bit lost in translation, so Bruce guided me in that one aspect.

You’re originally from the Netherlands and now you’re based in London. What made you come to the UK?

I first came here for work experience as part of my studies International Music Management. After I completed my studies, I came back to the UK to set up my own recording studio to write and produce my album and funny enough, the company I worked for during my internship is now my management!

What do you think of the changing music industry and the various platforms for putting your music out there?

As technology evolves there are endless new ways to reach and connect with your fans which to me is very important. They are what truly matters and I think it’s great that they can easily listen to my music all over the world, often for free.


Your music fits with electronica. Describe your sound in four words.

Electronica-infused with world music. (oops that’s 5!)

You’re known for re-defining the genre of electronic music. Describe what you feel you bring to

the music industry.

I feel I bring awareness through my lyrics and my live show about controversial subjects like male & female relationships, multiculturalism and paganism.

What do you like to do outside of music that contributes to your creativity?

I’m addicted to the vibe of international music festivals, running, and did I mention international music festivals?

Who are your musical influences?

Growing up in a multicultural environment being Dutch, Indian, and South American whilst absorbing so many world music sounds is what influenced me the most.

Is there a go-to song you like to play?

My go-to song for running is “Supermoon” by 65daysofstatic.

Pick three artists that you’d like to collaborate with.

Kraftwerk, Nitin Sawhney, Deadmau5.


Public performance can be fun and nerve-wracking. How do you deal with nerves?

My higher self… and vodka!

Where’s the best place you’ve gigged at?

Making history being the first electronic music artist to play at the Valley of the Kings, in Egypt at the Nefertiti Festival. I got to meet many of my Egyptian fans in and I was lucky enough to meet the princess of Egypt and perform for her!


What are your plans?

I am very excited about my next single, a very special version of my song “Egypt’s Queen” about the bust of Nefertiti, which will be released on Vinyl only. I am working on my second album due for release early next year and finally the launch of my own TV channel.

What are you looking most forward to about touring?

Meeting all my fans in person all over the world.

Is there a motto or any advice you live by?

If it can happen in music, it can happen in real life.

Book now to see Nathassia perform live at The Joiners in Southampton on December 8th.