INTERVIEW: Kevin Nash Talks About Upcoming Film ‘Waking David’

INTERVIEW: Kevin Nash Talks About Upcoming Film ‘Waking David’

Kevin Nash’s debut feature Waking David takes its cue from the Mike Leigh playbook.

With a staggering 5 film nominations, ‘Waking David’ by Kevin Nash was one of the most anticipated at Southampton Film Festival this past weekend.

A successful American health psychologist, Scarlett, passes through London for a conference. That’s not the only thing she’s here for. She meets her unknown half-sister, Amy, and spends the weekend with her and her mother, Julie.

After receiving a less than warm welcome from Julie, Scarlett discovers the wall of silence about David, her father she never met – who died ten years earlier.

As Amy open’s up to Scarlett about their caring father, things take a turn as the image conveyed of David cast serious doubts over Scarlett.

As the evening progresses, Scarlett digs deeper to uncover the truth about him. How will this effect the stability of the family? And how will Scarlett relate to her estranged family now the truth has been revealed?

On the Scene spoke to Nash about how it all came about!