INTERVIEW: Kieran Alleyne’s 5 After Midnight

INTERVIEW: Kieran Alleyne’s 5 After Midnight



British band 5 After Midnight are releasing four original tracks that are featured in their upcoming EP ‘The Sauce.’

The first track ‘Taste’ has recently been released and is already popular among the fans.

For an addictive party anthem with pop vibes and R’n’B funky influences, ‘Taste’ is the perfect song choice. It’s a catchy track with great rhythm and presents the trio’s excellent ranges of vocals.

‘The Sauce’ will include ‘Flowers’ as well as the club anthems ‘City Lights’ and ‘Talk.’

The dancing trio, Kieran Alleyne, Jordan Lee, and Nathan Lewis shared a personal video on Twitter where Lewis added how “each track is a different vibe as well, yeah, so there’s something on there for everybody.”

Jordan Lee says “We wanted to get music out there so people know what we’ve been working so hard on. You can hear these tracks in a club, on the radio or in a car with the windows down.”

5 After Midnight signed to Syco Music, Simon Cowell’s record label, after becoming finalists on X Factor UK.

They are well-known for winning the judges with their cover of Drake’s ‘One Dance’ in their audition, wowing viewers with their energetic dancing, and producing their debut single ‘Up in Here’ which samples from DMX’s ‘Party Up (Up in Here).’

I interviewed Kieran Alleyne about ‘The Sauce’ and his thoughts on performing.


What has been a surprising response so far to ‘Taste’?

ALLEYNE: I mean, just how well it has gone down. People really seem to love the vibe of the song which is all we could’ve asked for.

What is the relationship between the four tracks?

ALLEYNE: We feel like all the tracks give a snippet of what our album could be like.

Why ‘The Sauce?’ What’s the meaning behind this name?

ALLEYNE: So we thought that every time we try and do a record we add that extra flavour to it!! So that’s that extra sauce!!

How long did it take to construct the songs, and what inspired you to write these lyrics?

ALLEYNE: The full EP took approximately 2 months to complete! To be honest we liked the concepts of the songs and just kind of ran with it… it wasn’t too planned out.

Did you have musical differences in producing the songs?

ALLEYNE: There wasn’t really any clashes. We all heard the records coming together and knew that we had something good!

What do you think of the changing music industry and the various platforms for putting your music out there?

ALLEYNE: I think for us, as artists, we need to be able to adapt to whatever the industry changes to, but social media seems to be the biggest outlet nowadays.


Since performing on X Factor and the release of your debut single ‘Up in Here,’ how have these experiences helped you to develop your sound and grow?

ALLEYNE: I mean, the main thing we have all learnt is how hard you have to work to get to where you want!! Endless hours we have spent really trying to master our craft.

You’ve had experience as a solo artist. Does your background help with the sound you want to make with the group?

ALLEYNE: I personally feel like who I am as a soloist and who I am in the band are two different people, besides having prior experience in studios. Making music with the band is a whole new journey for me.

How has the experience as an artist changed now that you’re in a group?

ALLEYNE: You don’t have to rely on yourself all the time. If you are having a bad day, you have other people to lean on and you get through it together.

What do you like to do outside of music that influences or contributes to your creativity?

ALLEYNE: We all love to dance so going to classes or maybe even just free styling away helps us picture music videos and performance pieces we can do.

Who are your musical influences?

ALLEYNE: All three of us have different idols and people that have inspired us from the musical legends to today’s major pop and R’n’B artists and even family members.

Your music fits with pop and R’n’B. Describe your sound in four words.

ALLEYNE: Fun, charismatic, harmony, uplifting.

Is there a go-to song you all like to play?

ALLEYNE: Again, I think this answer would vary from person to person but we all love the classic stuff whether it be Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder or Prince.

Pick three artists that you’d like to collaborate with.

Drake, Little Mix, and Kendrick Lamar.


Public performances can be fun and nerve-wracking. How do you deal with nerves?

ALLEYNE: We tend to make each other laugh and keep spirits up as a distraction from the show.

Did you run into people you didn’t expect?

ALLEYNE: We have each ran into various different artists that we look up to from Bruno Mars and Little Mix to The Weeknd and Dua Lipa.

Where’s the best place you’ve gigged at?

ALLEYNE: It would have to be Wembley Stadium in front of 80,000 people.

Your dance routines are entertaining and full of energy. Is dancing and singing difficult to master at the same time?

ALLEYNE: Yes, it can very tiring especially if we do an hour set but that’s why we rehearse so hard and are always working on improving our stamina.


Is there a motto or any advice you live by?

ALLEYNE: Be true to who you are and always work hard.


What are your future plans?

ALLEYNE: Releasing our second single and album out and really getting out there in the industry!

What are you looking most forward to about touring?

ALLYNE: Getting to meet everyone who has supported us all around the world.

5 After Midnight are currently working on their debut album. Head to their live gigs around the UK including:

26/10/17 Camber Pontins, Rye, East Sussex

27/10/17 Pakefield Pontins, Lowestoft, Suffolk

19/11/17 Meadowhall Christmas Lights, Sheffield