Lost Boys China in the Sink
Lost Boys China in the Sink

With the recent release of the Lost Boys newest video for China in the Sink it only seemed fitting to catch up with the front man Dan Ash to have a good old chinwag about life and everything Lost Boys.

The Southampton based Indie band have been making a name for themselves over the last few years with gigs up and down the country along with supporting some of the biggest names in the industry with the likes of Paul Weller, Catfish and the Bottleman and The Ordinary Boys. The diary for next year is already filling up nicely and the boys have confirmed a Saturday set for Blissfields bringing their music to the masses        

So for anyone that hasn’t heard of you guys how would describe your sound?

DA: Tricky one but I’d like to say indie guitar-pop. For a long time my mission with this band was to write songs so infectious that even the chorus had a chorus! Then it got to a point to where all my friends’ mums liked our music more than my friends- since then I’ve been trying to make our music a little more nasty and noisy.

The new vid, talk us through the process of making it…

DA:  The idea was mine, I loved the idea of taking my self deprecation to a new low by suggesting that our music was a form of torture. We got in touch with Jamie who directed the video, he was keen on the idea and helped shape and put his own twist on it. It was filmed under a pub and we had a lot of fun playing our music to a man tied to a chair. Another day at the office.

You boys write your own music, you manage to make your lyrics witty and clever, where do you begin with writing a track? And do you find your personal lives play a big role in your song writing??

DA: Thank you for the kind words on the lyrics. Yes indeed, everything that surrounds me normally works it’s way into a song somewhere along the way. I’m sort of writing 24/7- like I’ll be in Tesco’s and a melody will pop in my head so I’ll run to the toilets and sing it into my phone. It’s never my proudest moment. I also keep notebooks of words and phrases that I like for when I want to try and crowbar something into a song. I very rarely write a song from scratch at a guitar these days.

Who would you class as the biggest inspiration and influence for your music?

DA: David Bowie. His music has been in a constant in my life since my first ever memory of being alive and made an immeasurable impact on me. If it wasn’t for David Bowie I wouldn’t be answering this question now.

What would you say has been your biggest career defining moment so far?

DA: Opening for Paul Weller at a sold out Hammersmith Apollo was unreal! As a frontman to look out into a sea of eyes staring back at you. . . waiting for you to say something . . . it’s a good thing I had my Weetabix that morning. And wore my brown trousers.

Paul Weller invited you record in his studio, was that the biggest ‘pinch me’ moment of your life?? How did that meeting come about?

DA: Yeah, it’s always a huge ‘pinch me’ moment with Paul, I still can’t get my head around it. When I was 14 The Jam were everything to me. I never dreamed in a million years we’d be lucky enough to record in his studio, support the great man and hang out. We’re very fortunate and grateful for his constant generosity and belief, an artist as accomplished as he could quite easily sit on his cloud but he always has the time for bands.

You’ve played alongside so many massive names in the industry, who’s been the best band to support and why?

DA: It’s got to be Mr. Weller! There is no buzz like opening up for the artist that got you writing your set in the first place.

Lost Boys

The Lost Boys have played all over the country but what’s your favourite venue to play at locally?

DA: Ooooh we’ve been fortunate enough to play so many lovely places. And Totton. But Hammersmith Apollo and Koko in London are probably the top two!

If people want to catch you guys playing do you have any upcoming gigs in Southampton?

DA: We’ve just played Southampton a few nights back so it will be a few months before we do something again but add us on Facebook and we’ll come play our socks off to you soon.

What big things can we expect from the Lost Boys next year?

DA: We always keep talking about an album but to me it feels like putting all your eggs in one basket. I want the timing to be absolutely perfect. If enough people buy and make a fuss of this new single then we’ll do it!  Cubs promise.

What’s the ultimate dream for you and the boys?

DA: This sounds incredibly cheesy but I feel I’ve already lived it. I’ve taken songs that I wrote in a room to a collection of stuffed toys, jammed them out in sweaty rehearsals room with my friends and ended up playing them to 5,000 people supporting one of my heroes. If nothing else ever happens to us I will still feel like we’ve accomplished everything I’ve ever set out to do. Well, another Totton gig would be nice (it wouldn’t).

If you want to hear the latest from the Lost Boys check out their blog, Facebook or Twitter for gig dates and new releases.



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