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After his recent UK tour with Izzy Bizu, hotly tipped British singer-songwriter Kelvin Jones went straight back out on the road with a 13-date UK tour supporting James Morrison.

No stranger to a relentless work ethic, these shows followed a 24-date tour of University Student Unions at the end of last year, a major European tour with German superstar Mark Forster in December and one-off dates with James Bay and Seafret.  The recent shows have given Kelvin the chance to spread his wings and step out on the big stages to promote his debut album Stop The Moment, which is released on this Friday, March 25th through Epic Records & Four Music, who won a hotly contested race to secure his signature.

Stop The Moment includes both his debut track ‘Closer’ (which caused a huge online buzz last year) and his first single ‘Call You Home’, which is out now. The track is catching light online, with over 14 million Spotify plays and 2.1 million YouTube hits for the official video – which features a TV sent up into space – and was nominated for various ‘Video Of The Year’ awards.

OnTheScenes’s Sarah Penney caught up with Kelvin ahead of his recent gig supporting James Morrison in Southampton.

What’s your story so far?
This whole thing started two or three years ago, when I was in university and I was playing guitar in the local pubs, just trying to do the whole music thing. I wrote this song, Call You Home, and it just blew up and went viral. That was my ticket out.

From university, to YouTube Sensation, to supporting James Morrison, how does it feel to be so successful?
The word success scares me, I never really feel like I’ve quite made it. So regardless of what level I’m at it still feels like I’m not quite there. It still feels like how it did playing in the pubs, just a lot bigger crowd and a lot nicer pub!

Who are your musical and non-musical influences?
Musical is kind of simple, John Mayer and BB King. I don’t think there’s any one person from the non-musical perspective, more different arts, like photography and videography.

What have you got planned for 2016?
Just playing, playing, playing. There’s nothing like performing your music to a crowd and getting feedback from them about my music. So that’s all we’re doing. Anywhere and everywhere. We’ll be playing a lot in Germany weirdly and a few festivals, including Isle of Wight and The Great Escape.

What’s the best bit about touring?
The little moments when you realise what you’re doing and how far you’ve come. It’s pretty cool and still so new!

Sum yourself and your music up in three words.
Pop, I’m not going to shy away from that word, because it’s now a dirty word and it shouldn’t be. For myself I’ll say obsessive, because you need to be for this job. I’ll go with scared for the last one, for both my music and me, because I’m still figuring stuff out. I’m scared of where my music might not go, because I have such high expectations of where it could go. So yeah, pop, obsessive and scared!