the handsome family

The Handsome Family are performing at The Brook on the 23rd of March

We scored an interview with the duo act of Brett and Rennie Sparks to talk about their upcoming tour and their career experiences to date.
1) The fact you are a husband and wife duo is a big part of your act and makes you unique. Do you think this relationship has an impact on your music, particularly the topics you sing about?
I’ve never been in a band without my husband so I can’t tell you. We certainly don’t communicate through songs. We both love songs and songwriting, especially story songs. If you believe them then we’ve done it right.
2) Far From Any Road was the credits theme to Season 1 of True Detective. How did that come about and did you have any idea of the success that show would generate?
I sat inside a chalk drawn pentagram and summoned my spirit guide to do my bidding. Bingo, we had a theme song. Really, we have no idea. We just saw someone on YouTube from Iran covering the song. it’s all amazing.
3) What is a fun story from your time on tour that you’ve always wanted to share? Any strange fan encounters or events?
We once played to six people in the back of a beer store. They didn’t even seem to be listening. Afterwards we passed the hat. Two people put nothing in but then one guy took a long time then left. Inside the hat was $200 and a note saying that he was dying of cancer and we were the only thing that had made him smile in months. That was probably 25 years ago, but it still matters so much to me.
4) If you didn’t go into music, what career would you like to be in?
 Astro-physics. I’m excited about dark matter.

5) Is there a particular music video you enjoyed shooting most?

I enjoy the ones I make myself because I love to find footage on the internet to use. Our last video for weightless Again has a boy jumping into a pool. He’s kind of chubby and awkward but so happy! I love him but have no idea who he is.
6) When you’re on tour, do you ever find time to explore a new country and see the sights or are you too busy to do so?
You never know. In Paris sometimes we tour the Catacombs and sometimes we do laundry.
7) What tips can you give to upcoming musicians and those trying to break into the industry?
Build a time machine and go back to 1993.
Thanks to The Handsome Family for taking the time out of their busy schedule to talk to us. Tickets are still available for their show next week so be sure to purchase them here.