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It’s one of the hottest tracks that Southampton has produced in a very long time. Let’s face it, it’s been a while since Craig David put us out there, but local talent FooR have remixed the Monsta Boy’s classic, ‘I’m Sorry’ and we have a sneaking suspicion they will be shooting to stardom soon. FooR are putting us back on the map for talent.

We talk exclusively to the boys behind the music, Dj Gavin Foord and DJ Paul Aki.

How did you all meet?

Paul: Gavin and I have known each other for a long time and have been djing on the scene for over ten years now. I was making music with Dave under the name ‘Apelike’ and Gavin and Jon were making music as ‘Maximus Baxter’. Back in the summer it just clicked with me and Gavin that we should start making music together, so we produced the track ‘I’m Sorry”.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Gavin: Biggest accomplishment is definitely the video. Being able to film a video in your hometown with guys that you respect. It’s something that will be there forever that you are able to show to your kids and your grandkids.

Paul: For me, getting one of our records signed was a very proud moment so I would have to say that.

What inspired you musically when you were growing up?

Gavin: I was inspired by a lot of the local talent in Southampton; for example my best friend MC Alistair from Artful Dodger. There are a lot of talented people in Southampton, although sadly a lot of them don’t get the recognition they deserve.

If someone getting starting out in the music industry asked you to give him or her a random piece of advice, what would you say?

Gavin: I would have to say do the music you love to make, don’t be influenced by what other people think is cool. Stick to the music you like and follow that path. We were asked by different labels to make music that didn’t suit our style, and it just doesn’t work. If it’s music you love, you will enjoy making it.

Would you recommend a music career for other people?

Paul: You need to be very dedicated and determined to have a career in music. I was very lucky to get a DJ residency at the age of eighteen at Earth nightclub and from there I have been djing in clubs ever since. It’s a very fun industry to be involved with but you will have set backs, you just need to keep going and enjoy what your doing.

We LOVE that it was shot in Southampton. Was that important to you as a Southampton based group?

Gavin: It was really important to us that we showed the city, it has a lot of history and as Southampton boys, we wanted to capture it. It was more important than us being in the forefront. We just wanted to capture the city and story and let the music speak for itself. It has been great that the people of Southampton have really backed us since we launched the video.

What was your life like growing up in Southampton?

Paul: I love Southampton and loved growing up here, it has always been my home. I have a great family who have always supported me in everything I do. I grew up on an estate in Shirley with some great characters. Everyone was into music, which helped me massively. There are a lot of good things happening right now in Southampton: the football team, who I’ve supported all my life, are doing exceptionally well, we have the new night club, Switch, bringing huge acts down every weekend and you have Junk who really put house music on the map in Southampton.

What was the best bit about filming in your hometown?

Paul: For me it was getting Southampton Football Club in the video just ‘cause I’m such a fan, so that made me happy and also just to show we are proud of the city we come from.

You have got some local celebs from Southampton like model Ryan Mackins and free runner Danny Morgan. How did you cast the video?

Gavin: We wanted to show as much of the city as we could. Paul knew Danny and showed us some videos of him doing his free running and we thought that was a great way to show as much of the city as possible. And well, Ryan Mackins (laughs) he’ll use any excuse to get his clothes off.

What are some of your major goals in life?

Paul: Well to chart at number one would be special, but just to make music that people can enjoy and appreciate has always been my goal.

What are some of your major goals in life?

Gavin: The major goal is to just make the music I love and be able to live comfortably. I don’t want the celebrity status or to be really rich. I just want to make music and survive, make enough to pay the bills. That’s the dream really, (pauses) and to travel to different cities and countries and share our music.

If someone were to make a movie about the band, who would you hope would play you and what do you think it would be called?

Gavin: The Fantastic Four, Foreplay, Foursome…(Laughs) I don’t know but it would have to be something funny. Van Diesel, actually no… Wait, Jason Statham. I saw him once at a restaurant. It was like looking in the mirror. I hear he gets told he looks like me all the time. (Laughs)

Paul: I think the film would have to be called ‘The Fantastic FooR.” (Laughs) I would probably get a few acting classes and play the role myself that would be cool. If not maybe someone like Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad as I’m a massive fan of the show.