In case you hadn’t heard, today is International Women’s Day!

It’s a day set aside for us to celebrate, promote and uplift our fellow women in the name of achieving gender equality some time before the given date by the World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap report of 200 years away. Women have come a long way since 1918 when some women in this country won the right to vote. It’s apparent we have further to go, and how better to do this than by tuning into some female musicians and thinking about how to better support the women in your life.

(For anyone asking when International Men’s day is, comedian Richard Herring on Twitter has your back! If you tweet this question today he will let you know that it is in fact, November 18th, but you should probably also donate to his fundraiser for the charity Refuge as a thank you.)


Dreamy indie quartet Pale Waves often draw comparisons to the 1975, but what’s better than an all-male band? A band with women in it!

Pale Waves have an undeniably 80’s inspired sound, blending darker pop sounds with catchy guitars and echoing synths. Vocalist Heather Baron-Gracie has a mesmerising voice, and mixed with her song writing which bursts at the seams with longing, you’re definitely looking at your new favourite band. A friend of mine said after seeing them recently, “Imagine opening your set with Television Romance and still having bigger bangers to come”.



“Originally it was us tackling this idea that the “dream wife” of the 1950s and 1960s was in this package deal; you got the dream house, the dream car, the dream job and then suddenly you got the dream wife as if a woman became an object. Within our songs we lyrically tackle gender roles and different faces of womanhood. We write what we know, and we’re women in our 20s. Women are complex beings – they’re not just one thing.”

Sound exactly like the kind of band you want to hear about on this day for women? Dream Wife are the undeniably cool all woman trio you’ve been waiting for today. Their band came about as an art project before the members graduated and moved to London together. Upbeat, catchy and unapologetically female, Dream Wife’s music is full of women’s influence, from their lyrics (“I am not my body, I am somebody”) to their influences from Madonna to Bikini Kill, to the Spice Girls. Dream Wife are another indie dream band, and one to watch.



Nervus might well be heading towards being more known for singer Em Foster’s hilarious and witty twitter manner than their music, but trust me, as good as her banter is the band’s music is even better. Nervus’ songs tackle gender dysphoria, and the trans and queer experience in a way only a member of this community could, and Em’s openness and confessional song writing on her experiences as a trans woman is emotional and has a beautiful musicality to it, but is also the source of numerous absolute tunes.

The band recently toured with Southampton locals, Creeper, winning over fans with their riff laden music and brilliant stage presence, laid over beautifully listenable melodies makes them a band you absolutely must acquaint yourself with before you get left behind. Sit down with their album Permanent Rainbow so that when their new album Everything Dies comes out tomorrow, you’ll have a head start.



I get that Alex Luciano’s voice may be an acquired taste, but so is beer and that’s universally popular in a way that Diet Cig deserve to be. Alex’s weirdly specific and personal songwriting leads to such gems as “it was weird, in the back of his truck, moaning my own name ,while trying to fuck” and “I just wanna have ice cream on my birthday”. They’re songs wrapped up in being youthful, punk and female which feel just within reach of having a running theme or some kind of teen movie metaphor; but are so much better without since Diet Cig deal in real life and not silver screen perfection. Diet Cig are a band which speak to young women, but more importantly to youthful error and are above all else fun.