jah wobble

Jah Wobble & The Invaders of the Heart are set to release a new album this coming June called ‘The Usual Suspects’.

Jah Wobble is an English singer, born in London, where he grew up with John Lydon, when he formed the band called ‘The Four Johns’, along with John Grey and John Simon Ritchie, who later became Sid Vicious.

Wobble and Lydon later formed the band ‘Public Image Ltd (PiL) due to both having very similar taste in music and were great fans of reggae.

When Jah left PiL, he was part of a different number of bands such as ‘The Human Condition’ and ‘Can’ and later formed ‘Jah Wobble & The Invaders of the Heart’.

This coming album features some of the greatest Jah Wobble’s solos.

This album has a limited edition vinyl, this album will contain twenty three tracks, which were recorded over the last months in east London.

The main track is ‘Public Image’ that was reworked from PIL’s ground breaking debut album 1978.

The idea to record this album came after a successful live shows where they played some Jah’s songs with the innovation sound with a bassist and a percussionist.

Jah gathered up Marc Layton-Bennett, Martin Chung, George King, Steve Rigby, Sean Corby, Aurora Dawn and Holly Macve and went to the studio to record the tracks that will appear in both of these albums.

Album One:

  1. ‘Public Image’
  2. ‘Socialist’
  3. ‘Doctrine Of Drum & Bass’
  4. ‘Midnight Cowboy’
  5. ‘No, No, No’
  6. ‘Java’
  7. ‘The Chain’
  8. ‘Visions Of You’
  9. Becoming More Like God’
  10. ‘Everyman’s An Island’
  11. ‘How Much Are They’
  12. Reggae Segue’
  13. ‘Invaders Of The Heart’
  14. ‘Sanguine Siesta’

Album Two:

  1. ‘Seven’
  2. ‘Foderstompf’
  3. ‘Cosmic Blueprint’
  4. ‘Cosmic Love’
  5. ‘Moments’
  6. ‘Get Carter’
  7. ‘Hop And Charity’
  8. ‘Poptones’ (Live)
  9. ‘Liquidator’ (Live)

Jah Wobble and the Invaders Of The Heart will line up with Marc Layton-Bennett in the drums, George King on the keyboards and Martin Chung in the guitar and they are set to play a handful of shows during the summer  and after that Wobble will appear with John Robb in two ‘Louder In The Regions’ events, one in York and the other in Wakefield.

There will be other dates for these events, such as follow:

Live dates:

May 12TH Corn Exchange, Hertford

May 19TH The Wardrobe, Leeds

May 20TH The Fleece, Bristol

May 27TH The Ruby Lounge, Manchester

June 2ND Hare & Hounds, Birmingham

June 16TH The Venue, Derby

July 1ST Merton Arts Space, London

August 27TH Vale Earth Fair, Guernsey