The social media and comedy star, Jonathan Pie, played at Southampton Guildhall as part of his UK tour.

If you’re even a little bit aware of current political issues at the moment and you’re a regular social media user, it’s likely that Jonathan Pie has broached your Facebook feed. The fictional journalist (played by Tom Walker) posts political commentary and viewpoints that we don’t often hear. He speaks when he’s off-air and the camera stops rolling. Pie is unfiltered, there are no Ofcom rules stopping him from using every swear word under the sun. Watch the video below to see him explain just how President Donald Trump snagged the White House in 2016. Just be sure to be wearing headphones if you’re around family members.

From that video, you get a pretty good idea of what Pie is like. Funny, uncensored and on point. His politics are very left wing but he’s also enormously critical of those who make up the ‘lefties’ and isn’t unafraid to criticise them as much as the right.

And back to the studio…

His live show, performed at Southampton Guildhall last Friday was exactly what you would expect and it was a 90 minute rendition of his videos, full of shouting, swearing and facing controversial political opinions while always making sense and being respectful of both sides of the argument.

Pie gave context to the show; it served as a pilot to a show he was attempting to get broadcasters interested in picking the show up to series although this was just to create more gags and have a off the rails and explosive conclusion to the show. Pie featured classic game show staples such as a wheel of topics which when spun, spurred him on to then discuss the topic at hand- two of which being fan favourites in the form of Theresa May and Donald Trump.

“You can finally say what you really think and that is a powerful thing”

Another of Pie’s sections was taking often repeated and controversial terms like ‘mansplaining’ and ‘BAME’. Pie tackled this with responses that would make even the most PC of people consider their stance on these key words. Why should, if you are offended, the world react around your outrage? Why do we have to conform to new terms and neologisms in order to accommodate a few importunate online voices? His takedown of ‘white male privilege’ was something that would definitely rustle the feathers of a few people but it’s good to get a second, opposing opinion on a term that is (in this white writer’s opinion) bandied about far too much.

It’s a shame Jonathan Pie is a fictional creation. His honestly and forwardness would make him a great commentator for a major network or even a political. Something tells us though, by criticising both sides on the political scales he would make enemies who would refuse to attempt to engage in some form of debate or would dismiss him entirely.

It’s ironic really.