After the highly anticipated Global Buffet restaurant opened in the Marlands Shopping Centre on Thursday 12th November, I was excited to see if it lived up to its expectations. Offering food from twelve different countries, it sounded amazing.

Upon arrival, the queues were long (with or without making a reservation). It was myself and one other that arrived at 8:15 but stupidly didn’t book, therefore we expected to queue for the length that we did. At 8:45, we paid £20 altogether (£16.99 each without this offer) and were shown to our seats.


The layout of the restaurant was well organised and easy to navigate. Each table had a map of where each food station was and how to access the bar, though the tables were extremely close to each other, making it feel a bit like a school dinner lunch hall.

The atmosphere was also lovely, with the servers being knowledgeable about anything that was asked of them and they looked after the customers well. I overheard a customer complaining to one of the staff members but they remained calm and polite.

Disappointingly, four of the food stations had been closed when we went to get our food. We were aware that there may not have been as much of the food because we arrived at nearly nine on a Friday evening, however, it remained open until eleven so we were expecting a little more variety than we were offered.


Despite this, the food that we did have was delicious. I managed to try a lot of the Chinese, Italian and Spanish dishes and was pleasantly pleased with them. Although we didn’t have as much choice as we would have if we had arrived two hours earlier, there was still enough for the price that we paid. To our surprise, some of the chefs walked around the tables offering chicken and some other food freshly cut in front of us, which we were definitely not expecting.

The range of desserts was also vast. We must have tried everything between us and there was nothing that was disappointing. The amount of dessert that we had was definitely worth the amount that we paid.

The Global Buffet is definitely somewhere that I would recommend to anybody looking for a casual dinner, but I would recommend going early rather than later.