JUDAS are a four-piece band based in London who are currently four dates off finishing their UK tour. After releasing their self-titled EP, they are now taking the nation by storm with their brand of up-beat indie pop anthems. They have recently released their video for ‘Some People’ and it’s definitely a song you should add to your playlist.

After a short burst of flashing images, the video begins with a headshot of frontman John Clancy, in black and white, creating an atmospheric aura in his husky voice with a quiet guitar melody to accompany it. The emotive visuals are quickly followed with the band on a stage, where the music seems to build-up some pace, appearing to separate the two verses from one another.


Throughout the video, there is an underlying story showing a young girl which does appear to replicate the tone of song itself, and comes across as intensely interesting to the eye with so many shot changes. A stand-out trademark chorus follows, which could replicate why so many people feel there’s a certain U2-esque about this band, yet JUDAS have created their own unique sound delivered with exceptional energy, as can be seen on-screen.

Providing their audience with a gig atmosphere throughout the video it feels as though attending one of their shows wouldn’t be any different to what you see here – bold, enthusiastic and an all-around mosh-fest. An all-round full-circle is complete in ‘Some People’ with the audience seeing John Clancy again towards the end, replicate the start of the video, when the pace dies down again to signify another explosive chorus.

The whole song overall is very catchy and the visuals complement the audio particularly well. JUDAS are definitely destined for big things so make sure to check them out now.

Check out the new video below: