Leather, glitter, guy-liner and action! Welcome to the K-Pop battle of 2016. With award ceremonies already happening and many more just around the corner, fans are taking to voting and voting hard. Sometimes the hype gets a little bit too much with fan wars going on and we forget to just have fun and enjoy the music. Fear not, this K-Pop battle will rid you of all worries, time to kick back and enjoy the music.


66 GOT7 A vs GIRL’S DAY Darling


Got7 is a diverse boy band made up of, you guessed it, seven members. They’re a fairly new band, only debuting in 2014, but they are widely popular around the world.
Their MV shows off their charm in order to gain the affections of the girl. Although it’s undoubtedly catchy, using elements of dance and hip hop genre mixed with a choreography that suits both the beat of the song and the theme; cute but with a rugged charm. All these mixed together can immediately grab anyone’s attention, as shown in the MV at the end as the strict boss also can’t help himself joining in.

Compared to Girl’s Day’s song, it is a lot more down-to-earth and isn’t too cute, though Girl’s Day has the same effect of encouraging you to join in dancing along to its 60s-inspired jazz. (Words: Charlotte Lam)

GIRL’S DAY:Feeling the winter blues settling in? Fear not! These four girls who go under the title Girls’ Day are here to shoo away those grey clouds and brighten anyone’s day with this tune. The video consists of the four members enjoying the summer sunshine, sipping cocktails, hanging by the pool and having a generally fun looking time.

The chorus is impossible not to get hooked on and the song in general will probably be rattling around in your skull for a few days to come. This pop track will have you smiling in no time, combined with the aesthetically pleasing sets and cute outfits adorning the girls’ slim physiques. For cons, although cute, the dance lacks anything to really be in awe of and it definitely leaves something to be desired, though I don’t think the main focus is choreography.

When compared to GOT7’s A, it’s clear which has the better choreography as A has a fluid feeling to it with its choreography matching the song and its lyrics. Moreover the skit-like feeling the music video has feels more light-hearted and is almost funnier to watch than Darling, but, the sets in Darling are still more aesthetically pleasing. (Words: Talitha Langlois)

6. GOT7 A vs GIRL’S DAY Darling

55 Girls’ Generation Gee vs Super Junior Sorry Sorry

Girls’ Generation:

This is another bright song brought by nine girls this time, unanimously known as Girls’ Generation. Singing about the trials and tribulations of love, these girls who seem to be mannequins by daytime, come alive with the power of love by night or as soon as the male employee (SHINee’s Minho) leaves.

This music video cannot be faulted for its choreography as most if not all K-Pop fans will recognise and be able to join in with the lively little dance. Keeping to its upbeat theme, the song is pop in its true essence and will have you singing along in no time. It is also one of the girls’ most popular songs, having won various awards and being one of the most covered songs in K-Pop, both for the dance and the song itself.

In comparison to their label mates Sorry Sorry, it’s hard to say whose choreography is better. Super Junior are known for their catchy beats and dance-tracks and whereas listeners might also pick up the choreography fairly quickly, it’s hard to pick a favourite. (Words: Talitha Langlois)

Super Junior:

Super Junior could be considered a ‘mature’ band as they debuted back in 2005 and are well known throughout the world and the Hallyu Wave as the princes of the K-Pop world.
Sorry Sorry would probably be the song that gave Super Junior that title as this 2009 song became number one in the top charts, not only in South Korea but also Taiwan, Thailand, China and Philippines.

The song has a catchy dance-pop beat that gives off a powerful feeling and its main choreography has and still does draw in crowds of all kinds to perform the dance. No matter the age or nationality, everyone knows the song.

Although the MV has no plot to it, compared to a lot of MVs, it consists of shots of individual members, and the dance. Regardless, it isn’t as boring in comparison, the members and the song can still hold the viewer’s attention.

If Super Junior are considered Princes in the K-Pop world then Girls Generation are the princesses; well known and loved by both men and women. Their song Gee is also a very popular. Compared to Sorry Sorry their MV does have a small plot at the beginning and the end. Gee is mostly choreographed dance and individual member shots. The song itself is stereotypically cutesy and a happy song but that doesn’t stop anyone from joining in either.(Words: Charlotte Lam)

5. Girls’ Generation Gee vs Super Junior So...

44 B.A.P Rain Sound vs BEAST Good Luck


Debuting in 2012, this band made a huge impact with their image and concept. Uncommon in the Hallyu Wave is to have an intense and aggressively strong image and this usually follows through with their songs, giving them an equally aggressive and intense feeling.

This song on the other hand incorporates rap and singing to give it a bitter heartbroken feeling. Not only were the vocals mixed well but also the soundtrack combined the sounds of acoustic, percussion and bass to really push it forward and create a unique sense of a ballad/hip hop hybrid that still fits with their ‘rough’ appearance.

BEASTS’ song Good Luck is nothing short of amazing either. Although, with its heart tugging lyrics, the song follows the same path as B.A.P’s and has a unique twist of a sad theme which has been turned into an electronic dance spiral of intense vigour. This separates it from more mellow songs. (Words: Charlotte Lam)


We all go to break-up songs for comfort sometimes, there’s no shame in it. BEAST’s Good Luck is no ordinary song though. The song uses unique sound effects which mirror a siren as if the six men in the music video are warning everyone about their lost love. The song also includes elements of hip-hop as it diverges from the usual pop, made clear in the outfits worn by BEAST. The song is both fresh and, rather than evoking a tear or two, it taps into the angrier emotions possibly felt amidst the parting of two lovers, making for a unique take on a love song.

As for the choreography, it is near impossible to say whether Rain Sound or Good Luck is better as the former taps into the softer side of a break up, the longing and feeling of being left alone. Because of this, B.A.P’s choreography is vastly different, with softer dance moves to not draw attention away from the main focus point of the song and the acting within the video. (Words: Talitha Langlois)

4. B.A.P Rain Sound vs BEAST Good Luck

33 T-ara Lovey Dovey vs SHINee Married To The Music

T-Ara:A now six-girl member band, they debuted in 2009 and are a popular group. Their song Lovey-Dovey is an electro pop song and is said to be influenced by European and American trendy club music. The popularity of this song is irrefutable as this song has three different music videos.However, this one is the zombie version. I’m not going to lie, even to an avid K-Pop lover it doesn’t make sense. Although the MV’s suspense and zombie theme can catch you off guard at the beginning, its transition throughout the rest of the MV becomes comical when mixed with the jumpy pop beat and the cute lyrics of “lovey dovey oh oh oh” and finding someone to love.Compared to SHINee’s Married to the music, T-ara tried to stick to making it serious. SHINee on the other hand, made their MV horrifically delightful to watch. With everything going on in the MV, you’re going to have to watch it twice to actually concentrate on the song. (Words: Charlotte Lam)


SHINee seemed a little eager for Halloween with this music video, only having been released in August of this year. Nevertheless, it’s a classic SHINee song with a catchy beat and a distinct 80s feel to the song. Cue the brightly coloured, mismatched items of clothing, super high white socks and… Did I mention eyes popping out? The story of the song is actually quite a playful one, if surprisingly morbid and a shock to the system at first with the boys going through various incidents, seemingly accidental at first but far more sinister under the surface.

The choreography for the song is not far from perfect; the back-up dancers used more actively than the usual filling up of background spaces. Though you mainly see this in the dance version of the MV, it still needs to be brought up for how unique and clever the piece has been made as it even includes members soaring over each other!

Possibly the only thing it could be faulted on is the lack of clarification regarding the woman who steals body parts from each of the members. If you’re the kind of person who likes all loose ends tied up, then you’ll have to come up with your own explanation I’m afraid. This is where T-ara’s song steps up in that, though a basic plot, it still has a clear ending. (Words: Talitha Langlois)

3. T-ara Lovey Dovey vs SHINee Married To The Mus...

22 VIXX Chained Up vs AOA Miniskirt

VIXX, the six-member boy group who debuted in 2012 had, a much awaited comeback that started off all November comebacks for 2015, setting the bar high with their title song Chained Up and a full album consisting of no less than ten new tracks.

The song itself consists of the trials of love, being a slave to emotion and the person that holds the power over you. Despite its sexy appearance with all six boys showing off their chic new style, the boys have kept to their promise of meaningful lyrics, the writer and member Ravi, putting more emotion into the piece than you might initially expect. Moreover, the vocals in the song are astounding, the boys hitting the high notes as well as a somewhat haunting sound brought in.

As for the choreography, VIXX have managed to match their theme with it rather well, showing off their long hours of training and that although they’ve been apart from each other for some time with individual schedules, they are still very much one unit.  (Words: Talitha Langlois)


When it comes to sexiness and showing off the goods, it isn’t new to us as American music media would have it. Whether we want it to or not, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

AOA (and a lot of Korean idols) concept on sexiness has a certain class to it that teases both the audience’s ears and eyes. Miniskirt has a light-hearted, sultry feel to it, mixing with elements of jazz. The choreography is what catches the eye of viewers, especially for Asian culture, which is considered to be reserved, this MV was almost too sexy to show off, with seductive teasing of revealing skin. Regardless AOA’s Miniskirt still keeps it classy and is not too over the top, incorporating it into their dance moves. The song itself is about attempting to seduce the objects of their affection who still don’t notice.

Unlike VIXX’s Chained up, the boy band’s theme is dark and seductive. Their intense gaze takes the breath away.(Words: Charlotte Lam)

In the Hallyu Wave, there are many K-Pop idols and they all have their own unique style and talent that range from acting to martial arts. Despite the differences from one idol to another they all deserved the spot that they got to. Depending on your personal taste there are idols who will suit you and some who don’t, but I personally believe that they are all great artists who work hard for their fans and for themselves. We hope that you all take the time to give K-Pop a try, we haven’t mentioned all of the various genres in the K-Pop world but it does include: rap, dance, trap and many others. (Words: Talitha Langlois)

2. VIXX Chained Up vs AOA Miniskirt
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