Costellos are just one of the many thrilling up and coming bands from the Southampton area who are starting to gain some recognition.

They recently took part in an interview with On The Scene, following the release of their single Keep On Lying, and i had the pleasure of getting to review that tune!

“Keep on lying” is a true accomplishment, bursting with eccentric energy throughout, leading up to a terrific crescendo at the end.

The interesting and tricky bass line evident from the start really draws you into the song, reminding one slightly of the iconic bass lines used by The Stone Roses throughout the 80’s and early 90’s.

It is front-man George Dummett however who really brings the song to life, with catchy lyrics and a distinctive edginess to his vocals; truly creating an identity not only for the track but for the band as well.

The up tempo electric guitar riffs are reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys in their early days, which gets you excited from the get go and really lays a terrific foundation for the song to build on.

The tension builds throughout the song drawing the listener in; with evidence of musical influences everywhere.

For a relatively new band, it is hard to create a unique identity; however Keep On Lying does just that. Costellos announced to On The Scene that they have new tunes on the way! so head to their Facebook page to keep updated.

If you havent heard Keep On Lying i thoroughly recommend you head over to their iTunes page now and play it!

4.5 Stars.

Southampton Band Costellos single artwork
Costellos Keep On Lying artwork




Keep On Lying
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