King Kofi

The highly anticipated hit Walter Mitty is to be released on Thursday 1st March 2018.

The song has been lifted from his debut album Summer with the Wolves. It’s expected to promote the London star King Kofi onto the big stage.

The video was filmed on his iPhone x and is a personal reflection on his life. Kofi grew up on the streets of London and the album tackle of his issues that he faced socially whilst growing up. The track’s title comes from one of his favourite stories and uses a metaphor for his feeling of disassociation from the environment.

King Kofi already has a respectable online fan base from his 2016 mix tape Just A Dude In Need Of A Chance. He’s now back with his debut album Summer with the Wolves.

Walter Mitty is a soft, emotional song that reflects on his life as teenager struggling to get by in the suburbs surrounded by negativity. He sings about how far he has come and the obstacles he has faced in his life, and how he has overcome them and how he wants to be free to be himself and express his passions through music.

The song will leave you feeling connected to Kofi as he tells you the story of his life in a way that keeps himself dignified but allows you to feel his heartache. It is a truly moving song that will grab the attention to other people with similar stories and could promote others to speak out about their troubles.

He has taken inspirations from Hip-hop icons such as Eminem, Jay-Z and Kanye West while putting on his own unique spin of things.

The single will be released via the ‘This Is Not Yellow’ label on March 1st 2018.