The hit Let Your Love Be Known features on the new album by The High Divers that is due to be released March 2nd 2018.

The album title Chicora is a follow up of their 2015 album Riverlust. After a horrific car crash in June 2017, every band member was injured. They held off completing the album on schedule to return to full health.

The song represents The High Divers and lets the listener feel like they can relate to the mood of the song, whilst taking in every lyric and letting the song flow through their mind as they travel through their emotions.

The lyric ‘Isn’t it obvious, how I feel for you?’ is a clear indication that it’s a song full of emotions and feelings. It shows that they have put all of their feelings on the line. The song goes on to talk about how singer Luke Mitchell feels about someone to which he has admitted his true feelings for.

The song relates to many people who are having trouble in their private lives and can relate to a specific genre of music. The smooth style of rock, and the constant beat of the instruments suit the heartful, emotive album as a whole.

The Highs and the Lows

The tempo of the song is very steady and links in with the genre. It is the type of song you might hear on the radio as well as in the pre match experience at sporting events. The lyrics are also easy to memorise, which helps people connect to the song. It then also attracts to many different age ranges as everyone can remember the words and sing along when they hear it played.

The album consists of eleven songs and the name Chicora is from the Charleston neighbourhood that the band call home. The songs showcase the give and take present in any relationship. They recorded each song in their own living room which gives has a warm sense of identity to them.

Last year, just a few weeks into their 2017 tour, the band suffered a terrible car crash. The road to recovery was long but the whole community rallied around them. Although their album had been already recorded, they waited to release the album. It served as a reminder of the fan base that rallied around the band in their time of need.

This fantastic album has potential to attract fans from all over the world with their solid pieces of song writing.