LIVE REVIEW & PHOTOS : Yonaka @ The Loft

LIVE REVIEW & PHOTOS : Yonaka @ The Loft



Yonaka have emerged out of rock’s oversaturated mud-pile of bands. It seems the same music is being churned out as though the live-scene is a factory farm. Yet this vigorous unit are a one-off.

Yonaka’s live shows really are a show. The four-piece stomp about the stage, demanding your attention with grit and attitude. Their energy bounces off the walls of the venue as they belt through Run, a track that is effortless in showing the powerhouse outfit that Yonaka are.

Lead singer Theresa Jarvis looks each crowd-member in the eye unapologetically. This intimacy is not confrontational, but rather feels like you’ve been let in on a joke. Jarvis even winks at a fan in the front-row, as he offers her a sip of his beer. She crouches down, smirks and sings a lyric at him, like it’s some private serenade.

This is a band who have just signed to major label Atlantic Records, yet still remain authentic and abrasive. Their debut EP ‘Heavy’ is just as ferocious as their live sets. The release lives up to the name; it hits hard with boastful riffs and charms with catchy pop-melodies.

Theresa has a sensual intensity as she hurls herself about the stage, whirling her limbs around and tugging at her own hair. She sails through the set, letting rip into those power-vocals like it’s nothing.

Ignorance, a single released last year, is played with a warm affection. Guitarist George smiles at crowd-members who sing the song back at them. The niceness is obliterated when the track kicks in however, as George joins in for screamed vocals.

Yonaka work as a single body. They’re focused and relentless, consumed in their instruments, with little glances and grins at each other. There is a slight smugness to their performance. They know they’re good.

It’s clear that this band have put the graft in. While they haven’t been going all that long, their success is a fair reaping of their hard work.

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