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Chris Meany Photography

Professional magician, Southampton local and 17 year old Myles Thornton started YouTube in 2011 on an IPhone to show off his magic tricks.

“I decided to start YouTube for the fun of making videos. My YouTube channel is run by me and my friend Declan Dawkins, who has his own channel ChubbyEdits.

I just wanted to share my magic with as many people as possible,” says Myles.

Now his magic videos generate over 44000 views and most of his videos are self-promoted at parties, weddings and other events in Southampton.

Myles explains that, “Luck plays a huge part to it, some of my videos will get a few hundred or maybe a thousand views and others will get a lot more.” 

Becoming a successful YouTuber is hard but not impossible; you simply must never give up. No one not even famous BritishYouTubers like Zoella, PointlessBlog and JacksGap became YouTube stars overnight.

You have to be consistent in making content that is entertaining and constant and eventually the audience will just find you. “Have fun making the videos. If people can see you enjoying yourself then they are more likely to enjoy your content.”

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Myles is one of many YouTubers that is using high quality and creative visual content to captivate and engage viewers. That also allows him and other YouTubers to earn a living doing what they enjoy best.

“I think YouTube will continue to grow with millions of new users using the website every day. I really hope it stays based online only because if it expands on TV it will get rid of that community feel. I hope YouTube continues to support it top content creators and gives opportunity to other new content creators,” Myles adds.

Myles like so many other British YouTubers are part of this new revolutionary, online entertainment movement.

That offers free content, creates a much more intimate viewing experience for the audience than TV and best of all it offers all kinds of different videos fordifferent types of people.

in 2014 Myles plans to go to university, which means we can expect some amazing content to be uploaded, “I am extremely excited about starting fresh in a new city and seeing what I can create,” content that will attract all types of people.

“ I see myself continuing to uploads videos of me performing magic to people on the street and possibly doing some bigger projects such as a YouTube documentary or a magic show,” says Myles.

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