L'Osteria is one of many new restaurants at West Quay Watermark

A night out for pizza at L’Osteria

Saturday means pizza for us Italians. No matter which country we are in, traditions are traditions. When my brother came to visit I thought it would be nice to go out for dinner together, an activity we haven’t done in a long time. He is really picky about his food, so I had to be careful where I took him.

He trusts my tastes though. After all, I’m also just that little bit picky. I decided to go to L’Osteria, an Italian restaurant located at Westquay Watermark that opened in December 2016. I know him too well and was sure he would have enjoyed some tasty Italian dishes.

A pizza my heart 

I called L’Osteria the day before to book a table for 8 pm. A smart choice as it’s always busy on the weekend and you could wait there for ages. We arrived there dead on 8 o’ clock because I hate to be late for appointments. The restaurant was crowded as I thought it would be, and although the table was reserved we had to wait for others to leave first.

I was really annoyed at the extended wait, but my brother calmed me down. In my mind I thought ‘it’s worth it for the pizza, so just wait patiently’. So I did, and finally after half an hour of waiting we were given the table. As soon as I sat, I was ready to order. I didn’t even look at the menu. I already knew what I wanted; the same pizza as last time. I then had to wait for my brother to choose. It was a hard time for him, as he had 27 options. (rather 26, let’s not count the ‘Hawaii’ pizza as no Italian likes pizza with pineapple.) After minutes of indecisions and reflections, he finally made up his mind and was ready to order.

He opted for a ‘Capricciosa’ pizza with ham, mushrooms, artichokes, olive, and cheese. I decided to add different toppings on each half. Mine was half ‘Margherita’, (tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil), and the other half was ‘Prosciutto e Funghi’, with ham, mushrooms and cheese.


While we were waiting, we ordered two Peroni beers. Is there any better combo than beer and pizza? Actually yes. Beer, pizza and a football match. However the atmosphere was very lively and vibrant, just as if we were at the stadium.

Love at first bite

Our table was right in front of the ‘cucina’ (kitchen) and you could see the chefs at work. The smell was lingering in the air and made me even hungrier. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait that long to eat, only 20 minutes or so. I can’t forget the face of my brother when he got the pizza. ‘It’s huge’, he said. Indeed, the pizza was larger than the plate coming in at 18 inchesIt was love from the first bite. The pizza was baked in a stone oven and was crispy enough to appeal my palate. Actually, everything around me seemed to say EAT ME. Honestly I would, only if I had space left in my stomach. While I was sipping my beer, I kept thinking I need to try that dishes next time. And for the rest of the night I even dreamed about it.

The pizza was so vast, neither of us could finish our respective portions. We have never had a bigger pizza, not even in Italy. Luckily, we didn’t order any appetizers before the pizza, but I was so tempted with the bruschetta, fresh tomatoes, garlic and basil on a slice of bread. It’s a simple plate, which you could easily make at home, but the taste is impressive.

You can even get it at home

Sadly, we didn’t have space for the dessert. I was craving the tiramisu, but everything on the menu looked delightful. From the Tartufo to the chocolate ice cream, to the lemon sorbet or strawberries with mascarpone cream. Delicious portions for a fair price. The pizza cost me only £9.85. Unbelievable right? Even cheaper and tastier than Domino’s. So whenever you want to enjoy a good pizza with friends, rather go there or order it from home. Deliveroo options are available. I hope you will like L’Osteria as much I always do!