Photo: Sven Mandel

English band Lower Than Atlantis are currently midway through their intimate 22-date tour with ten remaining gigs to play.

Mike Duce, Ben Sansom, Eddy Thrower and Declan Hart have previously played in Southampton, but do not panic, as the creators of ‘Here we go’ will be swiftly moving on to Sub89 in Reading which will be the closest venue for Southampton based fans of the quartet.

The moshers have not run a regional tour for nearly four years and they are excited for the final leg. The band, originally from Watford, will start their final ten dates on May 3rd at the O2 Academy in Oxford before concluding their tour in Sheffield on May 14th.

Ben Sansom playing live at Rock am Ring Festival in 2015. Photo: Jan Brauer


If you can’t get to the shows, you still have a chance to see the boys live as they are set to play in all three of the Slam Dunk festivals this summer. Firstly, they’ll be featuring in Leeds on May 26th before travelling to Hatfield the following day. They’ll conclude their trio of gigs on May 28th in Birmingham, where they’ll be sure to set the crowds alight with live versions of ‘Long Time Coming’ and ‘Dumb’.

The feedback from their latest album has been nothing short of phenomenal and online reviews of their recent gigs have been complimentary to say the least. Dominic Clarke, who writes for Concrete Online, believes that the band hold the capabilities to “become one of the largest bands in the UK”.

Lead vocalist Mike Duce performing at Rock am Ring Festival in 2015. Photo: Jan Brauer

Train tickets to Reading are as a cheap as £12 and the journey should roughly take 50 minutes, so there shouldn’t be any frantic panics about missing the boys perform their latest album, Safe in Sound.

If the train isn’t your thing then don’t panic, as there are direct coaches from Southampton to Reading but they will take a substantial amount of time longer and are also more expensive.

Whatever way you decide to commute to the venue one thing is for sure – this is a band that cannot be missed!