Just when you thought your wallets were safe from Steam until the summer…”BOOM!”, there’s a brand new holiday sale. This sale works in two ways, giving you the normal highlighted games of the day and picking a path as the monkey who needs to get home to Monkey City for the Lunar New Year!

Following the monkey your first choices are either Swim or Drive, picking either one will forward you to a page that has a specific theme and this is a great way to find new games that are of interest to you. Swim has aquatic games, Bioshock, Sunless Sea, Depth and Starwhal to name a few. Each path takes you furthers in the story till you finally reach your family to celebrate.

With 9,279 games on sale even if you don’t end up buy anything this Steam sale is a great chance to find some hidden gems, or to finally take that plunge into PC gaming.  The sale finishes on February 12th.

My top picks:

Sunless Sea – Great little Lovecraftian horror game, take charge of your ship and explore the zee! £8.39

Rocket League – A mix between football and driving, great game to play online with your friends £9.74

The Witcher 3 – Half price for the award winning RPG of 2015, yes please! £24.99

This War of Mine – Play from the perspective of a group of survivors, try and last through this atmospheric sim. Because it’s not only soldiers in a war. £4.49

Starwhal – Because who doesn’t want to beat their friends with just the tip of a spacefaring narwhal’s horn. £3.59

Originally written by: Charli Tamplin