Meadowlark is an indie/pop band from Bristol consisting of Kate McGill and Daniel Broadley.

Kate is known for her covers on hit songs from Adele, The Killers, Mumford and the sons, Paramore, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rihanna. In 2013 she formed Meadowlark with Daniel and a third member, Carl Jones, who one year later left the group and left Kate and Daniel as a duo.

Now the two are set to release their debut album on June 30th called Postcards. As of now six tracks have been released, along with the main song of the album Postcards. Some of the tracks on this album have been released before and are being used to complete the album, with some new ones that have been recorded by mixing both Kate’s and Daniel’s tracks together while maintaining their reputation for the pop melodies they have always used.

While most tracks are about love, they get bigger than that as it also speaks to matters of the heart, drawing inspiration from their trips around the UK where they would write at any place using only the piano, later mixing in their melodies that they’re now known for.

The six tracks that have been released are Headlights, Paraffin, Eyes Wide, Fly, Satellite and Postcards. Headlights is about acceptance in a relationship and tells us about a past story where one isn’t accepted as it is and would feel entrapped, even if the love between the people is strong.

‘Paraffin’ tells us about the start of a relationship, where the protagonist has been hurt before but even after that, wants to be along side someone.

‘Eyes Wide’ concerns losing a lover, just like ‘Headlights’ does but this song rather uses the lover’s point of view, where he fails to accept her as she is.

‘Fly’ is one of the strongest songs released thus far where the subject is drugs and drug abuse while growing up, where most teenagers are subjective to consume them. Kate has spoke about it and mentioned the official video clip as well.

“The song is about the hardships of growing up and this video depicts the crueler side of that, a decay of bad decisions that are often passed off as reckless BEHAVIOUR when we’re younger,” McGill says. “In this case, it’s drug abuse.”

‘Satellite’ is a song that speaks about a toxic relationship where the protagonist feels entrapped and struggles to avoid the ex lover and even uses the term “poison lips” to speak about the lover.

‘Postcards’, being the main theme for the album is maybe the most sentimental track and the song with the deepest meaning, where Kate speaks about coming to acceptance with the fact that her ex lover is gone even though she keeps on missing him so much.

Meadowlark have decided to give their fans an opportunity to participate in the ‘Postcards’’ music video by recording themselves sending postcards to someone that has impacted their lives, which is a great move for fan interaction.

Meadowlark will go on tour on the month of May to promote their album. For a whole list of dates, see below.

Tue 02 May – The Nest, Bath

Wed 10 May – The Waiting Room, London

Fri 12 May – Barrelhouse, Totnes

Sun 14 May – Castle Hotel, Manchester

Fri 19 May – The Great Escape, Brighton

Sat 27 May – Royal William Yard Festival, Plymouth

Sun 28 May – Watering Hole, Perranporth

Wed 31 May – Royal Bath & West Show, Shepton Mallet

Fri 16 Jun – The Star Inn, Guildford

Sun 18 Jun – Goldcoast Ocean Fest, Croyde

Sat 08 Jul – Hazy Days Festival, Weston-super-mare

Fri 04 Aug – Valley Fest, Bristol

Fri 08 Sep – Always The Sun Festival, Guildford

The song names for the rest of the album have been announced as well and are as follows:

Headlights, Sunlight, Pink Heart, One, Eyes Wide, Fly, Interlude, Body Lose, Paraffin, That’s Life, Satellite, Undercover and Postcards.