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If you are a die-hard Hunger Games fan and have not yet seen Mockingjay Part 2, then you are truly missing out on a treat (2015). To recap from Part 1, Katniss Everdeen and the rebels from District 13 plan to continue on their quest to bring down the Capitol by unifying the districts still actively part of Panem’s way to oblivion.



In recognition of potential new fans to the franchise, to understand the full story you need to start from the very beginning. However, even though crucial to the story, the first instalment could be seen as a stand-alone film. The same cannot be said for the second film, as the event that physically and mentally hits the protagonist holds enough force to instigate the final chapters. The four films come full circle, and need to be watched one after the other in sequence.

Now, let me cut to the chase. The second part of the final book in the trilogy does seem to fair well in regards to its predecessors. Fans needn’t worry about the potential massacre that comes with the territory in the realm of sequels. The film does indeed closely follow the book as with the others in the series. The action is an immediate continuation of Mockingjay Part 1 and fans need to have watched it to be up to speed (2014). The film is mostly set in the depths of the Capitol with Snow’s tyrannical rule still throbbing beneath.

Spoiler Alert!

Later on, we find out the real villain has not been the dreaded president of Panem all along. In fact, this is revealed to be none other than Alma Coin, lurking at the forefront of the revolution. Despite this revelation, the film does have a satisfying conclusion. The epilogue is the epitome of peace, with Katniss and Peeta now basking in their new lives. A crucial part that sums up the whole series is Katniss’s comment to one of her children: ‘But there are worse games to play’, referring to the idyll where the family now live in comparison to the fractured and potentially deadly environment of the games (2015). This line concludes the film.

Spoiler Ends!

Before heading to the cinema, remember to stock up on tissues as the struggle for peace will elicit emotion from even the hardest of hearts. The film is showing for a limited time only, so please make the trip to your local cinema at the earliest opportunity. All in a three-fingered salute, lets shout: ‘The Mockingjay Lives!’ aptly quoted from Mockingjay Part 1!