Modern Sky Beijing release vinyl sampler

Modern Sky Beijing release vinyl sampler


Modern Sky Beijing marked the birth of their sister company, Modern Sky UK, a Liverpool-based record label, by releasing a 10” vinyl sampler on 26th May.

Listen to this four-track sampler that mixes Catholic Action’s ‘Doing Well’ with FUSS’s ‘Fluff’ as well as Violet Youth’s ‘Lucid Dreams,’ and ends with Pixey’s ‘Hometown.’

The record reflects on Modern Sky’s ethos about the importance of encouraging artistic creativity. The aim is to gather artists and performers together, spreading their art to people everywhere.

In 1996, Shen Li Hui in China founded Modern Sky, and it has grown to become one of the biggest Chinese independent record labels with offices in Beijing and New York.

It is also known for being the promoter of music festivals, including the Strawberry Music Festival.

A limited run of heavyweight 10” vinyl was released on a variety of different coloured sleeves.

Reflecting on their Chinese parent indie music company, Modern Sky Entertainment, the colours of the sleeves were inspired by the colours of the Chinese elements.

The braille on the front of the sleeve represents leading the blind into the light.

David Pichilingi, CEO of Modern Sky UK and founder of Sound City, adds that ‘the ethos of our label is to bring back a strong sense of love, passion and deeply sarcastic humour into everything we do. From the music through to the typography. In a world of mediocrity we want to be a beacon for the right kind of artists and bands.’

These four artists performed the Modern Sky UK Late Night Party at Liverpool Sound City on 27th May at The North Shore Troubadour.